Dr Ben Carson --IRS tARGET

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by island1fox, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. island1fox

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    Where are the defenders of RACISM ???

    Drive buy Liberal media does not even report on this !!!

  2. superballs63

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    The liberal media doesn't like Dr. C, because where as he looks the part of a black man, who should support and heap praise on Obama, he is actually a member of the most racist political party EVER! :surprised:

    I would love for him to get the GOP nod for '16. They need someone new and fresh
  3. island1fox

    island1fox Well-Known Member

    Most racist ---The democrats --with the new Plantation of Dependance ??
  4. The Other Side

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    Believe me EVERY democrats hopes he gets the nod for the GOP in 2016.

    Just when the Dems think the GOP faithful cant get any dumber ( sarah palin fail) then they prop up Former Dr. Ben Carson..!


    GO FOR IT. Make our day. :rofl:
  5. superballs63

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    You put Ben Carson and Sarah P in the same category? I knew dems were dumb, but damn.
  6. moreluck

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    If we put Dr. C. up as a candidate, the Dems. would find a way to call us racist !!

    I don't know what TOS finds so funny about a pediatric brain surgeon.....he just retired.
  7. The Other Side

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    YES I do, and so does the RNC.

    It REMOVED Former Dr Ben Carson from the speaking forum for 6 months now after he put his foot into his own mouth. It does the same to Palin from time to time until they finally tossed her to the curb to fend for herself.

    Former Dr Ben Carson is only now being "eekked" out of temporary hibernation after an intense study session in right wing talking points.

    Where did you think he went? Vacation?

    What you fail to understand is the Former Dr. Ben Carson isnt qualified to speak about national issues because he has ZERO experience to do so.

    He has to be trained and right now, the GOP is using him because he went to school, became a doctor, and somehow, that makes him an expert on running a government even though he's never held office before.

    The DEMS welcome the idiocy of the right wing placing him on the 2016 ticket, it isnt going to draw 1% of the black population to the GOP side of the ticket.

    Just because he can repeat the same talking points that most of those leaning to the right wing do on this board, doesnt mean he can be anymore qualified to be president than you or moreluck.

    By all means, PUT HIM ON THE TICKET!!!

    Sarah Palin was made out to be a genious by the right wing when McCain nominated her, but after she opened her mouth a few times, they knew it was game over.

    Today, she is a money making machine for the right wing. They give her a standard set of smaller government, lower taxes, bigger military rhetoric and you guys eat it up like jelly donuts.

    That is, until she states that Paul Revere rode through town ringing those bells warning the british were coming even though he was a prisoner of war and never made the ride, then, she has to be taken off the air and out of sight until you forget about that chitt and just focus on her being pretty.

    Thats the intelligence level that the GOP knows its dealing with in its rank and file.

    Hope this helps you clear your mind.


  8. island1fox

    island1fox Well-Known Member


    Thank you for the negative rep-- from you it is an honor!!
  9. The Other Side

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    NO moreluck, he DIDNT retire, the hospital LET HIM GO. He retired afterwards to pursue speaking for the GOP and the RNC.

    Please dont let facts get in your way. The hospital he worked for, did not like the chitt he was spouting for FUX news and right wing radio so they told him he would no longer be needed at the hospital.

    I'll say it again, VOTE TO PUT HIM ON THE TICKET in 2016!!!

    You wont get any arguments from this progressive democrat. :peaceful:

  10. ImWaitingForTheDay

    ImWaitingForTheDay Annoy a conservative....Think for yourself

    I'm surprised that you somehow didn't blame the President for this doctor retiring..you know the ACA,or better known as Obamacare,,you are slipping in your hatred of the Prez......
  11. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    SHOW ME where I say I hate the prez. When anyone disagrees with him they are racist and they hate him according to the :censored2:s.
    This doctor has more important callings.

    Carson did pioneering work on the successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the head.

    61 is a good retirement age (not Obama related) and still young enough to make a difference in this world. He's written 4 best selling books. He's not gonna sit on his butt now.
  12. pretender

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    Let me see if I have this right--The hospital supposedly let him go, but he was able to work another 3 1/2 months, so he could have the honor of leaving on his 36th anniversary?

    Johns Hopkins' Dr. Ben Carson hints at political future at CPAC - Baltimore Sun

    Dr. Carson Q & A following His Retirement From Johns Hopkins Hospital - Armstrong Williams - Page full
  13. superballs63

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    Progressive? My aunt fannie
  14. ImWaitingForTheDay

    ImWaitingForTheDay Annoy a conservative....Think for yourself

  15. moreluck

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