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    We are losing one of routes to a nearby center which is going to turn it into a satellite center. Our driver has been offered the oppurtunity to follow his work which would mean he has to move. He has declined, which brings me to the question, where does he bump in as far as picking a new route. We have heard that he can bump anyone with less seniority and we have also heard that he must bump the driver with the least seniority. Anyone know for sure?
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    we had this happen a few years back when they moved routes south. he gets to bump the lowest senior driver until the next bid,then he can rebid with his seniority.
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    Where I am he would become a cover driver until a route came up for bid. He can't bump anyone off a route unless it's another cover driver with less seniority.
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    I don't have my union book in front of me but I think that would be covered in "Change of Operations". I know that at our satelite center UPS added a preload which changed our start time over an hour. We were all given the option of a selective bump, meaning we could bump anyone with lower seniority in our whole center. I didn't excercise my option, but some drivers bumped out of the satelite and took routes back at the hub and others used their bump to get a better route at the satelite. My guess is this driver gets a selective bump but you might want to check your contract book. It may also depend on where in the country you are located and which supplement you are covered under.