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  1. nystripe96

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    So I finished the driver training class but cannot go driving right away, so HR told me to work my PT shift till an on road supervisor can start training me. I signed a document saying my payrate is16.10 so will I be making that salary now? Or is it still going to be my PT rate due to the fact I'm not driving just yet?
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    In my location I had a buddy go full time from inside a few months before me. He went to driver school then was told he'd have to go back to part time for a week. It took 3 weeks of part time before they finally sent him on the road, however he was hired as a casual, not a regular perm full time guy at that point. He later got the call to go perm full time.
  3. 16.10 would be temp rate, so I'm assuming you are a temp driver. That means you get your part time rate until you actually drive.
  4. sortaisle

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    16.10 is not the temp rate. It's the starting driver wage. I'm guessing he makes less than 16.10 now. If they make more than 16.10 then they can't lower his wage. Then he/she will have a 3 year progression with set raises until they reach top scale.
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    Are you in Local 804 territory? We don't have temporary drivers here. They're sending you back so you don't accumulate days before the free period.
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    Your are still at PT employee till you start driving. So you will still be making PT rate. In my area driver that get set back to PT get there pt rate that years of year determine. You will not start making the $16.10 hr until you start driving and if they send you back to PT you will make PT rate.

    Read your supplement
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    Welcome to the beginning of the end...
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    ​Thought it was now 4 years.
  9. nystripe96

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    Yup I'm 804
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    Same thing happened to me. One guy with two weeks more seniority went driving imimmediatly, I worked in building for two weeks them went driving. Just wait your turn. Peak is coming.
  11. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    When I finished driving class I was held up from becoming a driver right away due to a seniority issue with another driver in my class. It took me a month before I finally went out, but in the meantime I was allowed to work doubles, in effect making me a full-time employee.
  12. 3 done 3 to go

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    Like cino said. You will be held till free period after they do take you out for a couple weeks. On really easy areas. Then put you back inside till Nov 8 th. Put you on way blown out areas. Then Jan 15th. Put you back inside. For 6-7 months. Seen it for 25 yrs.
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    Thats an argument for panel. The contract has not taken effect and since we have been told there was an indefinite extension I would fight tooth and nail that I was promoted under the previous contract because the new one is in fact 4 years.
  14. UnsurePost

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    I filed a grievance in 2009 and they put me right on road. In our region, each new or existing FT job has a "start date". If you are still working inside when the job was supposed to begin, talk with union.
  15. Squint

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    I too had seen this throughout my career. I remember one guy that repeatedly got laid off on his 44th day so much so that it took him over 2 years to finally make book.
  16. Squint

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    When I worked for the company I wouldn't ever sign anything. For all you know, (management is so bad) you'll never get anything more than that money that you signed your name to. I know this is purely evil to suggest, but this conjecture is of the mindset you need to have when dealing with your management team.
  17. Brownslave688

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    Progression is negotiated and in the contract so this would simply never happen.
  18. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Yep. I'm sure this is going to be hashed out in numerous locals. Contract extension means just that though. Everyone hired should still be under 3 year progression.
  19. UnsurePost

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    I believe when you are forced to work inside, you can file on having your seniority back-dated to where it should have been, by the bid sheet date. iirc One of the reasons I didn't do so well on-road in '09 is because I was placed back in the building from Aug 28th to Sept. 28th and honestly, the stuff wasn't as fresh in my mind. Was working F/T inside-inside.
  20. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of my own destiny

    What will happen once the contract is settled. Everything will reset to Aug 1 date. Which will be the 4 yr progression. Sorry. The union will give it to UPS. Happened to me my 1st 3 contracts.