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    is this job just a call as needed basis? I have a decent full-time job now that I have over 150 hours of leave I need to use before the 1st of the year and I was thinking of doing driver helper to get my foot in the door with UPS and earn some extra cash during the holidays. I was wonder though if the job is 5 days a week or just call as needed for the higher volume days. Need to tell my supervisor how much leave I will be taking
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    have you looked at the 5 commandments thread? That should set your expectation.
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    Are those hours paid time? If so, take them all and tell them you will be back on 1/2.
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    Yes it is paid time. My only Concern is that my time off can be revoked at any time due to the weather. I work as a wildland firefighter we are usually wet with rain and snow in these parts in December. I don't wNt to shoot my self in the foot with UPS if it starts to turn dry. I know it seems like I'm trying to get life answers on the internet but HR was not informative
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    You will be used for 1.99 hours hours a day.
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    There is no way HR could answer those particular questions.

    You are correct in that you cannot start and then stop midway through. You have to be either all in or all out.

    You are the only one who can make that call.
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    if youre a good helper the driver will keep you until he finishes. if you get a driver who goes by the sheet of paper youll be there 4hrs a day. i keep my helper from noon-when im done whether its 5pm or 9pm. but my center doesnt hound you on helper hours. its hard to judge but i imagine youd work around 6-8 a day. but by all means its not a foot in the door id say 90% of helpers get cut anyways and even if you had to go back to your other job UPS wouldnt even notice
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