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    So I went to orientation and was told that I was an UPS employee. My next task was to wait for a call to work which was supposed to be within the next few days. That was December 1, 2011. I still haven't got a call for work. The number I find online for the local office is a fax number. Is there a way to figure out if I'm still employed? Is this normal?
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  2. packageguy

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    Yes very normal, you are on standby, if other helpers call
    out then your in. This happens every year. Next year you
    should apply in the first next of november, so you work a
    full 2 months, Good luck.
  3. SeekYeFirst

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    Thanks for the information. I made a huge mistake. My orientation was December 1, 2011. It's been over a week with no call. Is this normal?
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    Normal does not exist