Driver Lunch Break and ETA's

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by quickspamcgraw, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I simply wanted to know if this is true. I am on preload and my cousin drives, he's always bitchin over sups..this and that. was curious if there was a certain alotted time you get for lunch or time of arrival. They say He needs to only take 1 hour for lunch and get in before 8 or so or he's in trouble. I kow you can't take just take a 3 hour lunch or get in at 9 or 10 pm unless its peak or crazy weather. I was talking with a union st and he said there is no such thing as an ETA or lunch time. Sups just like to threaten and claim they have all this power. So what is true? thanks!
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    Im not sure I completely understand what your asking but we get 1 hour un paid for lunch. We must show 1 hour of break in the board, and if you show that you are taking break and you really arendt then your screwing yourself along with any other driver who may run the route as well. ETA is just what time you will be returning to the building based on how much work you have left. If we are going to miss 9.5 cutoff we have to send in our eta along with stop count. Hope that helps
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    Lunch time varies by location. I don't know what he talking about ETA you get back to the building when your done. Management already knows approxiamately what time your are going to be back by the stop and package count that you are dispacted with. I don't call in unless I'm going to be getting back after the airtruck leaves and I have air other than that they can figure it out if they want to send me help that up to them I'm not asking$$$, maybe next time they will add another route.
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    Another FDX Mole.......Lunch time is around noon depending upon your start time.

    Since you're fishing, what specifically are you looking for?
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    There is no reason to send your stopcount. You have until the DOT says you have to be off street..... or the UPS mandated ,dayshortening ,11 hour cut off. No where in the contract does it say you need to send in an ETA. Do as instructed, but don't play their game their way. REsistance is not futile. Just be smart about it.
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    That is me working as instructed. If I beleive I am not going to make it back to the building by 7:15pm (9.5 hours) I am instructed to send in my ETA and how many stops I have completed and have left at 3pm. Its not a big deal. I send a message everyday that I will miss whether I actually am or not. I never know where I might get held up at. Just one less thing to have to listen to mgmt complain about the next day.
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    Is that estimated, or exact time of arrival? Im never right, too much changes after 3.
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    Why not send an updated ETA?
  9. Jones

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    I always go big on the ETA, then if I get in earlier it's like they get a little present :happy2:
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    Estimated. I usually figure up a time and add 30 minutes to it and thats my eta.
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    If I'm really light, I'll send in an eastern time zone ETA.:happy2: