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    You're welcome. Make sure you tell Stuart his info was wrong and that the great folks over here at BC gave you the right info.
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  2. Tell Stuart that Stewart is looking for the union steward.
  3. And I'm Damn good at it. I can hear the jealousy in your voice.
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    In 5 years....
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    So I'll get the 4.15 raise on my 5th of driving after I reach top pay on my 4th year?
  6. No you will get a dollar because you will have gotten all of the other raises when you hit top rate.
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    Ok I was trying to figure out how my top rate would be close to $40 an hour with top rate being close to $36.00 now in the current contract.
  8. Whenever you hit top rate , you will be making the same as everyone else .
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    Am I reading this correctly, it says if still in progression you get the contractual wage increase, and you will be pay no less than wages below and will be slotted in the progression wages Upon ratification of the contract. So am I going to be getting the wage increase every August 1st and have the higher rates below?

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  10. Honestly I haven't read that section yet. I was looking at a lot of the other sell out crap they are pushing. I'm sure sonesom else has read it.
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  13. Go Wally
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