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In your area, how often are you tested on the 5 seeing habits and the 10 point commentary and so on, And how is the testing performed? We are starting to go one on one with a sup and its done once a month.


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That was the flavor of the month a few months ago at our hub. Just ride it out and they'll be on to something new soon. Something more useful though, like making sure you check your gas cap during pretrip, or something like that.


What the hell is YOUPS??
We had to write them down during orientation when I was hired. Other than that, we haven't heard much about them besides the poster on the wall at our centre with them all listed

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This thread reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask. Does anyone else have to fill out CSA "tests" monthly? If you're unfamiliar, it's monthly thing with all the usual safety stuff: 10 pt know and explain them, Seeing habits know and explain,8 keys lift/lower, slips and falls, backing rules, hazmat and the like. Takes half an hour (sometimes you can stretch it longer :wink:) because you have to write it all in. Did I mention it sucks donkey balls? If I wanted to write my doctoral dissertation, I would've stayed in school.:mad:

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Here we usually end up filling them out a minimum of 4-6 times a month, depends on how many times the train is over a hour and a half late. Think it is a ploy to keep the big wigs from realizing how much the train is costing them, (since they code the time out as HABITS training), let alone all the service failures.


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In our district this is being done monthly on the CHSP questions. Its amazing how many of our drivers don"t know them. We are going to have a audit next month, and all drivers must know them . Testing is done by the safety committee. The drivers that can"t get them right are given to a driver how knows them, and mentor the driver. Because of my years, I guess Iam the lucky one, I have three drivers that I am currently working with, and have had three to learn it and remember them.


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"Did I mention it sucks donkey balls?"

I would have to agree with that eloquent assessment.

"...and all drivers must know them ."

That's what they keep telling us, also. I don't know them at all. What are they going to do with me???


i know them a little bit. i had an onroad sup ride wit me the other day and asked me if i knew them. i said i didnt know them all, but he wrote down that i did anyway. needless to say, its a bunch of bull


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If they want to pay me to sit in a room and learn them verbadim, then I will learn them. Otherwise, I kind of wing it when they make us write them down. They usually pull them out when a trailer is late or the pre load is running behind. The last time we did it , I threw mine in the trash and went on up to the belt and finished loading my truck. That's one of the things that I loved about being a SATELITE Route driver, I didn't have to fool with that crap. I'm not knocking SAFETY, but all that stuff if for, is for them to tell you that you did something wrong when you got hurt. Just for a pretty little notebook when your center gets audited. We had a center manager tell us recently that we must take it home and learn the 10 point commentary so the center would look good when the AUDIT came around. Most of the drivers just laughed.

Some of the stuff we were tested on at driving school and I did learn it verbadim, but some of the new stuff, i don't think so. That's been about 15 years ago.


Had my first OJS ride in twelve years a couple of months ago.
The 5 seeing habits I knew.
The 10 points no, until the sup said them.
I said,"Oh, you mean all the things I do every day."
He said, "Yeah, and laughed."
It was a good ride.


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In your area, how often are you tested on the 5 seeing habits and the 10 point commentary and so on, And how is the testing performed? We are starting to go one on one with a sup and its done once a month.

We had a special audit team show up one morning, and question 20 drivers on these habits , the 10 pt commentary, plus several other safety questions. Every one failed. The auditors were told that when UPS started to pay us to study then they might start to see better results. As can be expected UPS hasn't set aside any study time. The good thing is that no one has asked any questions since then.

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It is done monthly in our center by a supervisor. Company had safety committee members doing it until the union rep put an end to it. People were bring given warning letters for not knowing it verbatim. Right now part time sups are doing it.

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Aren't they supposed to hand you the answers before they ask you the questions??? :tongue_sm

Sadly enough, we get a copy of the key when filling them out...:lol: The only thing that isn't on the key are the things that are work area specific: Where to assemble in an emergency and where's the evac poster located.


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We actually had UPS disqualify new hires because they didn't know the answers to these questions even though they weren't given on the clock time to learn them. Need I say UPS lost the grievance and the new kids have their jobs?

Division Manager rode with me last week and asked all that stuff. I said 'I don't have them memorized because we have not been given time on the clock to do that but I bet I'm doing them all'. She agreed.