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    I went to driving school (air driving) about six months ago and i have not driven yet. another guy that went to school with me has been driving for a while. he also works in the morning and has a lot of contact with managers in the other hand i work a night and i do not see any managers and my manager is not good help. please i would like to know what do i need to do to start driving? i also have more seniority than the other guy that is driving.

    THank you
  2. User Name

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    Then take it up with the shop steward and start driving air. In your case seniority rules.....
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    Talk to your shop steward first thing on Monday. If you don't know who this person is ask around.
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    Catch up with your center manager at his favorite local watering hole and buy him a cold one.
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    Fixed it for ya, Whiskey!

    (Note: Over9five does not advocate the use of violence...)
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    Originally Posted by whiskey
    Catch up with your center manager at his favorite local watering hole and slap him around.

    and they say that I'm outta control
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    Well, I see about 6 mos of back pay coming your way. Find your steward.
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    Without knowing the full details, I'm guessing he drives in the morning after the pre-load is down? How could you drive if you work the LS....Can you switch to the a.m. so you can do the driving? Either way I would grieve it as you have the seniority, and keep doing so until they give you the chance to drive.
  9. Brown287

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    The only thing we have is senority, so make sure that you make management respect it. When I was part time I too drove and the work always needed to be handed out by senority. Your building should have a part-time driving senority list whith phone numbers that the centers should go by. Also in my building Saturday air has a weekly bid sheet that is up every monday morning and by thursday they put up the start schedule for the weekend so if your not putting your name on that then thats on you.
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    i am currently working reload. my question is can i switch to preload? if i do. do i keep my seniority and get a raise?
  11. UPSGUY72

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    You keep your senority as for getting a raise you need to ask your steward rules differ all over the country and by building.