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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tarico, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. tarico

    tarico Member

    Are you allowed to have any point on your license before you go driving
  2. Brown Down

    Brown Down Member

    I think you have to have 1 year with no tickets or 3 years no dui prior to signing a bid sheet.
  3. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    No written citations for accidents or moving violations for one year. Red light camera tickets are different
  4. tarico

    tarico Member

    I had a 2 point violation in August 2015, so I can't go full time driving til August 2016 ?
  5. burrheadd

    burrheadd Creepy pervert

    Read above post
  6. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Driving Requirements.jpg
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  7. Bastiatian

    Bastiatian Well-Known Member

    You should ask HR. If you were in my building, you'd be okay as long as you stay under 3 points. Clearly this is not true everywhere.
  8. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    A moving violation includes speeding tickets, regardless of how many mph over.
  9. opey

    opey Member

    no moving violations or accidents in the last 12 mos. i had to bring in a current copy of my driving abstract to the interview
  10. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    No moving violations in the last 12 months, no more than 2 in the last 3 years.
  11. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Red light cameras suck!
  12. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    If you go fast enough they can't make out your plate number.
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  13. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

  14. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    I need to pickup an afterburner from eBay.
  15. tarico

    tarico Member

    Thank you this info was helpful
  16. tarico

    tarico Member

    I ask this morning she said under 3 points within a year and nomore the 3 violations within 3 years
  17. 1pocket73

    1pocket73 Member

    Those red light camera tickets are nothing but a cash machine for authorities! It's the reason they don't show up as moving violations.As far as they concerned,you can keep on blowing them red lights as it will just pump money into the system.
  18. Lead Belly

    Lead Belly BANNED

    Sure as low by as it's not within a year.
  19. opey

    opey Member

    actually, the reason they arent moving violations is because they dont know who was driving the car. if u let someone drive your car and they get a red light ticket, u can get the money from them to pay it assuming u only would let someone u know well enough drive your car.... if u were issued points on your license, its not like u could transfer the points to the person who was driving.