Driving school $25 meal reimbursement

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  1. BUCN85

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    Does anybody know if this 25$ is a day for meals or for the whole week for driving school
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  4. East coast navy

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    You guys get money for meals. We didn't get crap.
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    Yea I wasn't sure. I know how cheap UPS can be.
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    Yes it is per day. Make sure you use the max every day, eat WELL while at school. When i went i just got fast food for lunch and then went to a steakhouse every night for dinner, it was niiice!!
    the mileage is where the money is at though. I was reimbursed $160 for 3.5 hours of driving..

    ‚Äčeven if it did take 6 months to get reimbursed, i did eventually lol!!
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    We had to carpool so UPS only had to pay one person in mileage haha