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    Im a seasonal driver and trying to make the best impression I can. Today was my second day flying solo and after I left the terminal this evening I realized I completely forgot to sign the DVIR and turn it it. The DIAD even asks you and somehow I forgot. I called management to give them a heads up and they made it sound like this is a fairly big deal. Should I worry that this really makes me look bad or should I sleep in piece tonight? Im assuming I can turn it in tomorrow morning cant I?
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    Not saying it is right, but I have forgotten to sign it for the whole day and never turned it in. Never noticed.
  3. brownedout

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    While this is a big deal (actually a DOT requirement) someone probably messed up even worse and that was what you sensed as a big deal. We once had a center manager who you had to visit after PCM to retrieve your keys and DVIR if you didn't sign off the previous evening. Two lessons here: NEVER point out your mistakes, they're very good about pointing them out for you, then be open, up front, and honest about them. And 2) This job is totally predicated on developing a routine, doing the same thing over and over again day after day. I sign and date my DVIR immediately after lunch every day. Upon returning to the building I get my clerk work together if any, then put my DVIR on the shelf where I will be placing my cooler and backpack before exiting car for the night. Then I fill out the report after parking, or even while waiting in line to park. Kind of makes it impossible to forget. Good luck this season
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    brownedout. I would be careful when signing and dating the DVIR while still on road. When you sign and date the DVIR and do not write anything up you are certifying that the PC has no safety and/or non safety issues at the time that you signed it. If you are then pulled over at a DOT checkpoint and safety or non safety issues are found yet not noted on the DVIR a citation will be issued for those issues and, depending upon severity, the vehicle could be removed from service.

    You have a good PM routine and it would not be that hard for you to add "sign and date DVIR" to that routine.
  5. menotyou

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    The checkpoints on 81 are practically everyday. Be VERY CAREFUL with those DVIR's.
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    You may put the vehicle number and starting miles on the page. Anything else and you better be signing it after your post trip.
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    Duly noted guys, and gal. Looks like a change in the routine is neccesary.
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    That is the best advise I have seen on BC to date--------
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    I fill out my DVIR as I go through the day and find things wrong. Today, for example, I had 2 pages of write ups. Started out this morning with a bad wobble in the front end. It ended tonight with not being able to adjust the temp control or the air flow control (def/floor). In between - howling brake/something else I can't recall right at the moment.

    I've been involved in the trucking industry for 20 years and it SERIOUSLY PISSES ME OFF when drivers don't write up their GD trucks. I hate getting into a truck that has obvious problems that have not been addressed for a long period of time. LAZINESS, pure and simple fricking laziness!!! I just want to reach out and slap the dog snot out of them!
    :grrr::grrr::grrr: And I haven't even touched upon fueling those trucks. *&^%#$#@@%$RY^&U**&((&)(*&%$@%#$@%^&

    We have 1 driver here that is a TOTAL PIG PIG PIG!! Garbage everywhere. I've found food on the floor. PIG!
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    Wait til you get into Feeders and an old-timer gets mad at you for writing up "stupid %^*&" on "his" tractor. Stupid things like brakes, brake lines, loose parts, cut tires etc. I write it all up anyway.
    You will like how most Feeder drivers are very anal about keeping "their" tractor clean, especially when it's new. If you leave any garbage they will stuff it in your cubby.

    And of course, if someone pisses you off in Feeders, a little strategically placed grease can go a looooong way.:wink2:
  11. menotyou

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    I had the mechanic tell me to stop writing up drivel. I took my DVIR to the center manager and asked him to find said drivel. Happy to report none found. So, now I write up chips in the paint, since he likes sniffing it anyways. Happy now?
  12. cachsux

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    You`d be surprised at how many of our drivers don`t know their ass from a teakettle as far as what is ok on a vehicle. "I thought that was normal" is a common response.

    If it`s a safety issue then it`s a write up, I don`t care who it belongs too. If it`s anything else I leave a note for the driver stating what I have found. If it`s minor I`ll just go get it fixed before I start up.
    Anyone who leaves a mess in my rigs will be paid back tenfold. Had a member of the CHSP committee think he was cute leaving his crap in my shifting horse. Waited until the end of the week and stuffed all his crap into his CHSP desk drawer. I wish I would have known he was on vacation for the next two weeks:angel2:. As far as grease, leave it off the rig. Usually it`s the partner that finds it. Instead try putting it on the combo lock dial on his locker. Alledgedly.

    Tell Mr. Mech that drivel keeps him in a job.
  13. menotyou

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    He likes paint. He was happy after that. Never complained about my drivel, again. See?? I know how to please.:wink2: