East Point woman says UPS truck plowed into her mailbox

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    East Point woman says UPS truck plowed into her mailbox - 11Live

    The 80-year-old came home to find the box laying in her driveway. A look back through surveillance video showed what happened.

    The sight of a delivery truck often brings excitement because it means the packages we ordered are almost here.

    But for one East Point woman, seeing one particular delivery truck left her seeing red after surveillance video caught the truck plow into her mailbox and continue driving.

    Gennie Williams contacted 11Alive after it happened.

    She said on Sept. 13, she decided about 2:30 p.m. she was going to make a run to the store. When she got back a few hours later, she noticed her mailbox was knocked down at her Semmes Street home in East Point, where she's lived for the last 23 years.
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    I bet she is a pleasure to live next door to. Damn old bitty calls the local news station because her stupid mailbox gets knocked down.
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    Ehhh don’t blame her...that was after days of it not being fixed and getting the runaround
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    UPS promised to fix the mailbox just like they promise next day air by the commit time.
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    He plowed her box.
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    I don't blame the ups truck. I blame the mail box that was leaning out in the street.
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    it wasn't our guy.
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    We had a guy smash a woman’s mail box and tell her he’d come back the following day and replace it if she didn’t call and report it. She called back a week later thanking the center manager that her new mailbox was amazing and better than her last one.

    He got walked out.