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    I approached our main dispatch guy the other morning and told him i would like to sit down with him and go over my DOL in EDD because it is screwd up and has been for a while. Ive been running it but have to sort a lot. I wanted to get it straightened out for cover drivers and before peak. He said "no can do". He said that any change in our EDD now has to go thru corporate and he doesnt even have a password to get into the system. It sounds like UPS is wanting to micro-manage every route from Atlanta. So if some country, rural route in central Arkansas' EDD needs to be changed it has to go thru corporate. Has anybody else heard this?
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    Pas/preload sup makes changes per requests daily. Talk to your bldg mgr, maybe he can get things done. I have noticed that alot of people that are involved with PAS dont want to do a thing to fix some problems. They will do as they are instructed by thier boss though. Light the fire under his ass.
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    Untrue that corporate controls the DOL.

    He's accurate that there is now a password required to made those changes. The local district has the password.

    I think you did right by trying to make proper changes. Keep working on it. Ask the supervisor to play your trace in the dispatch system. he should be able to see it on a map and evaluate how good (or bad) it is.

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    Their hiding behind the facts. FACT you do have to have a ID to change loop and unit number. This was done because it changes allowances and if done enough your over/under will be way screwed up... That what most of these unskilled idots have been doing. You want to change your DOL trace. This is done by changing the sequence number. This can be done without a password. Have the PDS print you out a DOL, corrected on paper, make a copy and give it to him and get a commitment when it will be completed.
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    Your PAS Supe can change some of it, mine has changed a few things for me. But he is unable to change the "core loops" in a route, so that is why it is so important to get your route done right the first time when your area goes on PAS/EDD. Supposedly, the way I understand it, your whole city is set up in one big loop. The "core loops" are the parts of the driver's area that has most of his commercial stops in it, so that his route should keep the same pickups on it. The day to day changes that EDD makes is to distribute the other stops according to the driver's plan for the day. Maybe we have a Brown Cafe Member who has better knowledge and can share it with us?
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    It seems to be a big deal for our guy to fix items in the loop too. He wrights down what I tell him is screwed up and says he will get it done, and eventually he does. I know the idiot sup we had when EDD came to our center didn't help the loops. In the begining loops were a disaster. I know that myself and a few others that actually care when we get done sat down with a print out of the loop and made corrections. It is a frustrating process sometimes but with constant reminders and maybe a cup of coffee it should get done. Good luck. :thumbup1:
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    run it the way it is looped and if you run way over then maybe they will fix it
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    I just do the work, and don't talk to dispatch anymore.