EDD problem.


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If your using edd how can management tell you that you are adding to your daily mileage if you follow edd as instructed? When you get to stops and they are not even in the car?


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Are you suggesting that you know better than EDD???
Who do you think you are???

We put 60 million dollars into this system, AND IT WORKS GREAT.

So, OBVIOUSLY, you are doing something wrong. Are you some sort of TROUBLEMAKER??? You can be easily replaced now that we have EDD, you know. Any monkey can do your route now (and at half your pay as you'll see in 2008).


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we dont like to use the term edd. we call it D*ck cause we get screwed everyday with it! seems like most routes are getting less resi's and more business stops and what used to be a 9.5 day now doesn't even measure an 8hr day?!!!


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Do yourself a favor and actually look at your load the old fashioned way, EDD still cannot think like a driver can.


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30andout said:
If your using edd how can management tell you that you are adding to your daily mileage if you follow edd as instructed? When you get to stops and they are not even in the car?
I have the same problem with EDD, which should stand for Extra Dough Daily. This is due to the Fantasy World that your typical Industrial Engineer seems to live in. Somebody who has never actually delivered a package or been to your area somehow thinks they have more "area knowledge" than the Driver who has done it for years.

Before EDD, I had looped my area myself, starting at the nearest stop from the building delivering my residential NDAs, working myself to my small commercial area by 10:00 A.M., taking care of my commercial air and bulk. My shippers were happy, they had their parts so they could take care of their customers.

Then came EDD. I got my DOL, and of course the route was set up completely backwards. I was supposed to start at the closet stop and zig-zag back and forth across my residential area, and get to my commercial stops after their closing time! Before I got to meet the Mapping Kid Wonder from the PAS/ EDD Team, I made a copy of a map of my route, highlighted my streets and pickups, and gave it to him in my thirty seconds of driver's imput. He thanked me, and said he would change it. He changed it alright, now I get off my Next Day Airs, and have to drive back ten miles to a residential area to start my EDD Trace, because I have to be in a Loop with all the drivers in my town so our Routes can be adjusted.

This is another problem with EDD. Now my beginning and ending stops change from day to day, I have to look in my first section, then my last. If you end up in another driver's area, you might have a commercial stop that is closed after 5PM. Also if I try to deliver a signature required stop in the morning and put my time on the info notice, another driver might have it the next day and it is loaded in a end of day section, so the consignee is mad at waiting at their house all day.

Now I get to my Commercial Section about lunch time. Two of my shippers have called in National Complaints, now their production is set back one day because of getting parts later. So I break EDD trace to take care of them, and boss gets mad even though we are told to "take care of the Customer". You can't have it both ways. I am an "old school UPSer", meaning I try to take care of my people the best I can, I have enough self-pride to do the best job I can.

Meanwhile I drive an extra twenty miles because of EDD, even though it should be twenty less becase of a couple of sections that were pulled off to another driver after we were re-looped. This is because I have to break off when I'm delivering residentials at the furthest part away from my Pick-ups. On my old loop, I had worked myself around my loop to pick-up time,where I was close by. I now run an hour to a hour-half behind my old delivery times. Customers used to be able to set their watch by the time I got there, now they ask me if I broke down or something.

Maybe the next major project IE can work on would be to go back and fix all the routes they screwed up by putting us on EDD. There are a few things I like about it, like I can get EDD after I clock in and go through my list and count my stops. I can also spot my two or three stops where PAS has put an incorrect PAL label on the box because the steet number and street name don't match up. I have to key in less becase of the EDD list, maybe my thumbs won't fall off if I live to retirement.:thumbdown


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The business customer is where the volume is. Putting residential deliveries ahead of your business district is just an invitation to hand those parcels to Fed Ex.


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Unless its a next day air, I check all the boxes on the info notices after 1030 on when i'll be back. Cause I never know if that stop will be on my route the next day or i'll have some weird split on me that will force me to be at that stop later or earlier than I was the day before.