Election 2008: Good News

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, May 30, 2007.

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    Oh,Great,just what we need another ACTOR for a President.:no:
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    Better to have another actor than another Socialist Clinton.
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    Big Deal,He was only social with Monica:tongue_sm and maybe a few other hot interns,but it's better to make love not war like Bush.
    Fred has been in too many war movies also
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    "...but it's better to make love..."

    Never bothered me that Clinton had extramarital sex (who wouldn't with a hag like that for a wife), but when the President of the United States went on national tv, and called an American citizen a liar ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman") THAT showed everyone what kind of a "man" he was.

    It's fine to make love. Just be a man about it the next day.
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    Based on what I have seen and read about Thompson (Fred not Tommy), he makes a lot of sense. Common Sense, not political sense.
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    I think a few thousand souls in Kosovo would dissagree with that statement.
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    OH no,Your not gonna go down that road again with Clinton?

    OK.Lets bring up Reagan(Every Neo-Consertive loves Reagan).
    How many times was his name used during the last Rep.Presidential Debate.

    Lets associate Reagan with deaths the way a conservative blames a Democratic President;

    Reagan;one of the most damaging Pres.of the US

    Freedom fighters and RT Wing Death Squads where Wash.funneled $$,weapons,supplies..results...
    70,000 dead in El Salvador
    100,00 dead in Gutamela
    30,000 dead in Nicaragua

    Iran/Iraq War;
    Wash. armed Iran
    Reagon/Saddam Connection;
    Wash. armed Iraq also..results...
    1,000,000 dead Iran/Iraq War

    Afghanistan/Terrorist Connection;
    Wash. Sent billons/weapons to Afghanistan to the Mujahedeen,to push out the Soviets...Hence..The rise of The Taliban and Osama's Al-Qaeda...results..Deaths....Still Counting

    South Africa--Wash labels Mendela a "Terrorist"(Afircan Congress)
    supports racist S.A. Gov't

    AIDS-Wash ignored Aids research for years.

    If your going to connect deaths "in your way of thinking" to Clinton then I guess we have to connect above mention deaths to your almighty Rep.Pres.Reagon.
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    I always try and give credit where credit is due and to your comments above a big :thumbup1: from me on it. You are dead on the money and I guess with gov't overspending and terrorists being mention I should say no pun intended.

    I think the repubs are in real trouble right now and the latest move on their part was the new immigration bill. It's not meeting much approval across the political spectrum they represent. However, before you light their funeral pires you might should be concerned yourself over a couple of issues. Several recent polls (one I link in another thread) shows that the approval numbers of the Congress controlled by democrats is just as bad and in some polls even worse than Bush himself.

    The real question will be who does the American public blame? If they percieved a democrat Congress vote for the purpose of change and no real change takes place and things like the economy don't get better but get worse, who gets the blame or should I say who will the American voter blame. Political loyalist like yourself are quick to point the boney finger elsewhere but the fickle American voter may not be as loyal as you are.

    BTW: I do think Joe Bidden has the right answer for Iraq but what I would like to ask him is if a type of Articles of Confederation is good enough for Iraq, why is that loose, limited style of gov't with local control of the large aspect of gov't not good enough for America who in some sense invented the idea to begin with?

    If any of you want to know what I speak of just watch Joe's appearance from earlier this week on Leno. He also discussed the very same ideas with Russert on Meet the Press a month or so ago and of the one's out there I think he has some good ideas on this worth consideration.

    Hey Joe, I applaud you sir on your ideas but your opposite of your 2 faces is showing IMO!

    Always the cynic to the biter end when it comes to repubs and demos otherwise known collectively as republicrats! In the end it's all the same thing.
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    Not as loyal as you think,My loyalty follows the "current events" and important issue's of "today".However, Dem control congress has just won the majority last Nov,and were inducted this Jan(correct me if I'm wrong).It's hard to stop a snowball rolling downhill from turning into an avalanche when your 3/4 the way down the mountain.Time is not on this Dem Congress side.

    A very slim Majority Dem Congress can only do so much when the Rep. Adm keeps vetoing issue's that the majority of the people in the US approve.

    There's also a domino effect of influence of issue's effecting first quarter economy,besides war funding(which takes away $$ for domestic programs),gas/heating prices,the rise and fall of real estate and housing in the last couple years,Cold and stormy winter(displace wokers ans jobs)etc...Predicting the future economy is like predicting hurricanes.

    If a slim majority Dem Congress follows the voice and concerns of the American Voters than we have no one else to blame but ourselves.(That is if this Adm. stops vetoing evevything).

    Being that the Dems are not more than 3/4 the majority in Congress and cannot pass legislation on their own account unless some Reps. jump fence,(having to settle for Rep.compromise),why should Dems take all responsibility and blame if issues such as economy worsens.Both sides shall take blame.
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    Wow diesel, those death counts above remind me of Rosie O'donnel's claim that 665,000 Iraqis have died since the U.S. took their country over. Unsupported and unverifiable.

    I'm liking everything I'm hearing about Fred Thompson and he will most likely get my vote. I've always voted republican, and I will pray to god that satan herself(hillary clinton) doesn't get voted in.
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    You mean the Fred Thompson that lobbied for Cental States on behalf of the Teamsters? Yeah, that would be a great choice. Another lying crook is just what this country needs.
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    "Typical Conservative way of thinking and cruelness;attacking people's appearance"

    Typical Liberal meaningless response. Sidestep the entire issue.
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    You just compared Clinton's support of Muslim terrorists in Kosovo to Reagan's And Bush's support of campaigns that, believe it or not, were beneficial to this country. LOL Yet MORE proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder! LOL. Ever heard the term "the lesser of two evils"? Supporting Iraq against Iran=the lesser of two evils. Supporting Afghanistan against the Soviets=the lesser of two evils. Are you starting to catch on? Probably not. Keep reading OUTSIDE of the lines and out of reality like the rest of the Liberals out there and you'll stay in your nice and safe little make believe world. The rest of us will will pick up your slack when it comes time to fight these bastards on American soil.
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    Ron Paul. The rest are all the same!
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    I wonder if that make JFK a neo conservative since many of Ronnies beliefs were similar to or first presented by JFK including the "trickle down economics" concept.