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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by writer, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. writer

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    A couple of us discovered this week notes on our records we had no idea about. They were notes about things that had been mentioned in our management PCM before the sort. These were brought up because 1 or 2 people weren't doing things they were supposed to or were doing things they were not supposed to. What we saw were notes on these in our individual records in PTRS that appear as if we were talked to individually to correct something we were doing. We all had these notes!

    Is every place like this?
  2. dannyboy

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    i would assume you are talking about notes made in your files that you were informed of certain things.

    unless they spoke with you in person, and had you sign something saying that they covered the subject with you, then really not much you, the company or the union can do about it.

    unless i am reading what yoy are posting incorrectly, does not sound like much to worry about.

  3. writer

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    We just don't like it because it makes it look as if an individual problem was being corrected. It wasn't.
  4. over9five

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    He is a preload sup, the union wouldn't apply, Danny.

    When you brought this up to your manager, what did he say Writer?
  5. writer

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    We asked our manager on our side of preload, who isn't the one who did it. He had no clue. I am going to ask the other one this next week, who was off last week.
  6. outta hours

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    You can request at anytime to have access to your personal file to review what is contained in it.
  7. I'mTheMan

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    As I recall, it's in the contract that you have the right if you want your files to be looked at by you and if you sees anything wrong and that needs to be addressed the issue to your manager. Just make sure you have your shop steward is with you when discussing it with the managements personnel.
  8. JohnnyPension

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    We used to call these files "Pittsburghs" at 804. Don't ask me why. We had at one time an excellent steward (are you out there JC?) who "suggested" that all the drivers go into the office and request of mgmt to see it. They did not like it but had to comply. There was stuff in there you would not believe. As Dannyboy said it doesn't mean squat unless it was put in your file after a steward or rep were aware of the issue. You can request to have it taken out. Sometimes they would. Real interesting to see what they put in there. Might give you a sense of what they think about you.
  9. drewed

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    Everywhere that i know of uses them, I use them to record major PCM topics (misloads, routing changes, policy changes, etc) then I have a group training roster that everyone would sign and I would hold on to it. I also put appreciative feedback on it. Ive had stewards work for me and they never had a problem with my method
  10. tieguy

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    Dannys answer still applies. Anything in your records that is not formally reviewed with you carries no weight.

    I would still have that talk with the other manager. You're right it does not look right.
  11. writer

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    Yep, planning on it Monday. He and I get along well, too.
  12. dannyboy

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    thankyou for the correction. i re-read the post and it very plainly said management pcm meeting before the preload. thankyou! i totally missed it

    writer, as tie mentioned, while you are not under the union protection (at least for right now:wink2:), speak to the next manager up the chain until you get to someone that is willing to do something about it. at least make notes of it for your own personal file, and keep the responses that are given to you by the management team for later reference. might be a waste of time, but you never know........

  13. trplnkl

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    Sounds to me that the person who put these documents in all the folders is doing a shotgun "talked with" to cover their own backside.
  14. writer

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    Exactly! But it is actually in the PTRS system under Employee records
  15. freeloader

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    You are talking about your electronic employee record which is kept in PTRS (AKA Activity System). For those who don't know what this is, it is a UPS intranet website that non-union employees use for timecards and it is also used as their employee record (which they can access at any time). When I worked for UPS I saw it used in many different ways. Some managers would use it only to document bad things, some managers would use it to document only good things, and some managers documented everything good and bad. Some people were never told things were being added to their employee record, they would just notice it when accessing PTRS. But without your acknowledgement, anything in there holds little weight. Most of the time the manager will enter something into your employee record, print it out, have you sign it and keep the hard copies.
  16. writer

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    A couple of others looked at theirs today. 5 of us in all so far. None of us has ever had anything presented to us in hard copy to read or sign. Oh, well.