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    When do we find out the results for the ERI?
    The suits have been very, very nice to us for a little too long now......We only get this special treatment twice a year.Its usually when the ERI comes out and when UPS wants us to give to the United Way.
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    ERI results should have been pulled today and emailed out to the management. You should be able to ask your boss tommorrow and find out the overall.
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    UPS HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT NUMBERS including United way. I can remember being instructed to go back to guys who didn't contribute enough, or throw away requests for canceling contribution. I support the United way and always will. I don't think UPS should benefit or tell you how much one should give. They receive alot of praise from generous UPSers. There is a movement in our area to withdraw from payroll deduction and donate to a specific charity, because ups mgmt needs to get the message. Treat people with respect. Stop your deduction , you'll see. Pressure!!!Numbers ERI
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    Hmmm...toejam? I think your on to something earth shaking here. I'm not sure how I missed it. Let me make sure I have this right. Are you saying that management sets goals and chases numbers? Are you saying that when management does not meet thier goals they actually try a little harder? Son of a gun I think we just found the key to the origin of the universe here. Now is this something only management does? For instance drivers and sorters could care less how many numbers they have on thier paycheck? And drivers don't care how many numbers we load on thier package cars in the morning? So we can safely conclude that only management chases numbers and that this is a very bad thing. Now lets look at the second part of this message. Your saying that management actually goes back and asks people that don't give these numbers to give again? And this is a bad thing? And management only does this because they want numbers not because it helps the community? So what we have here is a conspiracy to ask our people to give money to a charity just so we can play our favorite game a game no one else plays of chasing numbers. In fact you should all stop giving to all charities that would really teach management a lesson. And I wouldn't give another red cent to any charity ever again till management learns to stop chasing numbers. How about leading the way there champ.
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    no tiechick. he's saying....ummm let's see how i can put this. The only number we care about are the ones on our paycheck on friday morning. we get payed by the hour so if you want to load us down with work. It pays the same. i get payed by the hour boss. how about you?
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    Let me try and explain it as I see it. UPS wants people to contribute to United Way. Why? Because that money is taken out of our checks before we get it. That means UPS can have a big party and give United Way X amount of dollars from UPS in front of the press. UPS gets free publicity for 0 dollars while looking like a big generous company. If they really cared they would match employee contributions. Otherwise, it is just chasing numbers to keep the stock price up.
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    i bet tiegirly didn't fair to well in the ERI survey. how about those numbers.
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    UPS contributes a set dollar amount to UW for ALL full time and part time employees. ANY publicity about the donations ALWAYS stress that the EMPLOYEES have contributed the LIONS SHARE, check your media highlights for the correct facts. If you want to comment on something, do so with true complete facts.
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    I am truly amazed at the hostility I have read about giving to the United Way. I have always given with a specific agency designated because that agency helped my wife and I so much when we cared for her mother after a disabling stroke. I contacted my local UW to insure I had the right code and to insure they knew the money was coming.
    After I read that someone thought all my funds would not go to my assigned agency I contacted my local UW again. I can submit their reply if anyone is interested. Basically, the funds are allocated at the local level and my county does honor agency specific designations, even if it surpasses the agency's original funds request. I feel blessed and feel the need to donate a small portion of my pay to UW. If you don't like the UW, how UPS conducts the UW drive, or want to give than don't. It is not helpful to degrade the concept of giving; you either want to and will find a way that makes you comfortable or not give. There are too many people in our society that need help and get help through private contributions for us to make a public debate over the idea of giving. I will also say that are some organizations that I will never give money to because I have looked into the amount of support they provide and how much goes to "administrative" costs.
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    Oh now I get it! The only worthy charities are the ones that I personally benefit from. Ok, to hell with organizations that treat diseases that I or my family don't have and probably never will.

    Forget the organizations that don't provide the services that my family personally benefits from.

    Now I get the picture. I guess I didn't understand the meaning of charity until I found this website.

    Then again, maybe some of you posters have a distorted definition of charity??

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    My question is why does UPS push the United Way so much? They invite Guest Speakers, they show video's and then tell us how much we should contribute. If we could only spend this time to monthly say two words to our preloaders, how much better our loads may become. Therefore better numbers.
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    I don't think anyone is degrading the act of giving to a charity. Most of the contempt we have been discussing surrounds the unbelievably unprofessional manner in which Ups conducts their annual United Way drives.

    Jammed down our throats at the last minute every year, it just begins to grate on us. If we gave the charitable UW drive the proper amount of time and attention it may be different. Or if we had the time to show employees the benefits of United Way, it may result in more esprit de corps and benevolence.

    Instead we threaten people, not overt threats mind you, but implied ones about promotions and staying off someones "s list" by "just filling out the damn card" We chase people all over the building trying to get them for two minutes to listen to a PCM or watch the video- everybody knows the drill and they just go through the motions.

    Maybe if we took an entire day off, center by center, division by division, and spent a day at one of the many wonderful charity events that United Way makes possible, we would have a better appreciation for where our monies go.

    Sure it would cost millions but as we have seen argued in this thread isn't that what giving is all about, sacrifice. I would be more than willing to give up a day's pay to spend time at a United Way event. It may result in much more profitable donations from Ups employees who would have a chance to see what United Way does with the money.

    As far as not speaking out about the manner in which Ups conducts it's drive and just staying out of it...That won't help change anything.

    If you read the policy book, it clearly states that we are in a partnership. We have a responsibility to our organization and each other to be actively involved in all aspects of our business.

    If we see a package in trouble, we are bound by duty to act on it. Doesn't matter if you are a pre-loader or Mike Eskew. Same thing goes for the United Way drive. It is a joke and we all know it. Now, we can ignore it, follow along like sheep, fill out the "damn card" and forget about it-or we can meet the issues and our management team head on. We start to take the responsibility that United Parcel Service expects of us in this partnership and try and fix it.

    I don't work in the hub, but when I find myself in one I don't like climbing under a belt- in a suit- for a NDA envelope, but that is what partnership is all about, so I do it. I also don't like sitting in a division managers office and telling him in so many words that the UW drive sickens me to the very core of my being and consequently, I refuse to donate through Ups. But that is expected of us also.

    You can't pick and choose where you want to participate in the partnership, if something is f***ed up you have to take a stand, not coast along mum and stay under the radar.

    You don't have to be unprofessional, yell, scream or even gesticulate wildly. Be frank, use strong language, level your gaze and wear a serious countenance, and above all expect repercussions. There are always repercussions when you do the right thing, whether you ruin a suit underneath a belt, or lose a promotion to an automaton. At least you will sleep at night.

    The only one who suffers by leaving UW the way it is, is those people who would benefit from the United Way donations that would result from a professional, upbeat and informative donation drive. The only way to get such a drive, is to recognize that the current drive is unprofessional, unorganized and demoralizing.

    As we discussed earlier, it would entail a great deal of time and money that Ups would need to invest in order to overhaul things. The big question is, is the United Way worth it? I think it is.

    If you always do what you have always done-You will always get what you always got.
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    "i bet tiegirly didn't fair to well in the ERI survey. how about those numbers."

    80 percent overall. Care to {deleted by moderator} there part timer forever?
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    "Oh now I get it! The only worthy charities are the ones that I personally benefit from. Ok, to hell with organizations that treat diseases that I or my family don't have and probably never will."

    His point and mine was basically the same. We had a family member who suffered through some horrific debilitating diseases. In undergoing this painfull experience it appears we both had our eyes opened to how much the united way really does help its community. For me it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with helping a charity that helps me. Its about watching my father-in-law who was in terrific health go through a god awfull experience when he contacted ALS. I am going to dang sure pump as much money into the muscular dystrophy association and pray those dedicated individuals find the cure for all of the many debilitating diseases out there. My hope is no one ever has to go through that experience ever again.
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    "Jammed down our throats at the last minute every year, it just begins to grate on us. If we gave the charitable UW drive the proper amount of time and attention it may be different. Or if we had the time to show employees the benefits of United Way, it may result in more esprit de corps and benevolence"

    Perhaps you could even take the initative to research what united way does for its community.
    If you really believe I sell the united way to make me look good then why am I selling it so hard on this message board? Its not like any of your money will ever go into my united way fund.
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    Tie, you missed the point....again.

    I agree with the United Way and all charitable organizations. Have given to same and each for many years. I don't agree with the way our employer goes about raising funds for them.

    If you are insinuating that you act in a commensurate manner as most of my peers when it comes donation time, I don't doubt that. If you are also intimating that your actions are wholly driven out of benevolence and charitable spirit, I have a couple of questions for you.

    Do you not believe that you would find even more favorable responses from your people if you were to solicit aforementioned donations in the same benevolent spirit that you claim drives your actions?

    I do find that to be a bit duplicitous.

    If I hear you correctly, I think you are stating that you are leaning on an employee to donate because they cannot posssibly comprehend for themselves the enormous scope of a charity like United Way. That you have no vested interest in staying off a "list" by turning all your cards in marked for donation. That your appearence on this board supporting UW is proof enough of that. Is that correct?

    That it takes someone in your position to "guide" them through a donation by being aggressive and "authoratative". That without your "coaching and counseling" they would never be able to make their OWN decisions about their OWN money

    Don't you think you would insult people a lot less if you just stepped up, sucker-punched them in the face, signed their name and turned their card in for them.

    To honestly post here that your dogged belief in all things UW is the catalyst for your behavior on collection day is.... surprising.

    I had thought all along that you were reacting to management which has long set the tone for how this debacle will play out. I had no idea that you were such an original.

    I always had you tapped as someone who towed the company line and defended Ups against all things negative, forever hopeful that someone in corporate would be on-line, recognize your lionhearted approach to leadership, and give you the nod for a job in Atlanta.

    I had NO IDEA you were such an icon of autonomy.
  17. tieguy

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    No I think you missed my point. I have seen what united way does I believe, I sell, support it, I sell it hard. Despite that I still believe charitable donations are a personal decision and do not profess the wisdom to decide for others what they should give. I am responding to the concept that management only sells to chase a number. Spend some time doing some volunteer work. See the worthwhile charities that are short of the volunteer support they need. Then imagine them utilizing those meager resources to try to solicit financial support. Many would not be there with the support of the united way. If you going to support it then support it. I will never apologize for supporting my community with passion.
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    interested and tieguy: I think you are saying the same thing, you just disagree about how the money is collected by UPS.

    I think we would all agree that UPS does the United Way drive just like everything else "WE" do - fast and furious.

    Interested's point about missing a day's pay to go see United Way agencies can and does happen at UPS. Ask a Manager to set up an agency tour and he/she will do it - they know that will help them meet their goal.

    Yes, we have to set goals at UPS. It is the way everything in the business world, including fund-raisers, works.

    Same goes for the ERI - and that goal is for a good cause as well!
  19. interested

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    Maybe I am missing something here. Proups is right in the sense that we agree that giving to UW is a worthwhile cause. He is also correct in that we are focused on separate facets of that cause as it relates to our employer.

    I believe you are stating that you as an individual are selling UW "hard" because of the great work they do in the community. Also, you are NOT reacting to internal corporate pressures to turn in cards marked for donation. I also think you are stating that Ups is selling UW hard because of the same reasons. If I am incorrect in these statements-please clarify.

    If I am correct in the above scenarios, help me out in the following hypothetical situation:

    One of your employees goes through the UW presentation, fills out a card and turns it in with no donation. You take the time to reiterate through strong personal experience, the benefits of UW. He listens, takes until the next day to consider your advice-and decides not to donate.

    What do you tell your management team when they ask you to go back to that employee and further discusses a UW donation?
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    i have an actual question. One of our part time sups tells me. She doesn't support the UW because she is gay and the united way supports boy scouts who don't allow gays in. Or something to that effect. Anyway she says she is being forced to donate. Why is it so important that all ups supervisors donate even when they don't want to.