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  1. If UPS sends an employee out to a meet up point to be a driver helper and the employee parks their vehicle at the meet point and comes back and finds out that their car/truck has been vandalized, does the company have any responsibility to the employee who owns the vandalized vehicle?

    By that I mean, will UPS pay any portion of the vandalism or offer to make restitution to the owner of the vehicle?

    I am wondering because this is what happened to me when I went out as a helper the other day. I have insurance that is going to cover the repair but I was wondering since I was on the job and had been sent to the meet point by the company, does UPS have any obligation to make restitution to me?

    I talked to my building manager and he said that he would talk to Safety about the issue. I am just trying to gather some information on my own.

    Has anyone ever heard of such a situation or had anything like this happen ?

  2. LKLND3380

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    Were you parked on UPS property?
    Were you parked on prperty controlled by UPS?
    If your answer is no then you assume all risk and UPS is held harmless.
  3. scratch

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    UPS has no control over the place you parked, so unfortunately the answer is no. I hope your insurance covers the vandalism, perhaps the driver you are helping can suggest a safer meet point in the future.
  4. over9five

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    "Were you parked on UPS property?
    Were you parked on prperty controlled by UPS?"

    I'm not disagreeing with you, Lklnd, but what difference does that make? Do they pay if you are on UPS property?
  5. old brown shoe

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    My car was hit by a UPS truck in the parking lot at our building. Since no one reported it and no one saw it happen they would not pay. I now park were they would have to hit other cars before they would get mine and just walk a little farther to the building. This happened several years ago but I don't think it would be any different now.
  6. tritese

    tritese tritese

    ups doesn't pay for vandalism to cars on their property.......we have had several cars broken into and even stolen......they have never paid ..........
  7. Jumperwire

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    This is probably the funniest thing I have read in a while. If parcel was going to be responsible for helper's parking at there local shopping center while they are out being a helper you would have helper's bringing the biggest piece's of junk they own!!!!:lol::lol:
  8. jumper, I see your point but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask is all. But I still think that UPS should be more careful in where they have the meet points set up. They should ask the driver who runs the route if it is a safe place to park and if it isn't perhaps the driver could suggest something better.

    And I'm glad you think its "funny" it wasn't meant to be. How'd you feel if it had been your car (new or old doesn't matter) that it happened to? I think initially you'd be upset as well and if you didn't know how "Brown" handles things like this you would have posted the same thing I did.
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    I'm pretty sure your center manager at least chuckled after you explained the story to him/her, just as we did.
  10. Jumperwire

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    Being a 19 year employee I wouldn't have even mentioned it. You agreed to be the helper you knew what you were getting into when you took the job. If you say you didn't you are full of it!!! And yea it is funny!!!! I love this time of year all of the newbies screwing everything up!!!!
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    One could argue that while on UPS property - a certain level of security and safety is expected... UNLESS they have signs posted PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK...

    Since 911 an additional level of security should be expected on UPS property since a package cars is almost an ALL ACCESS PASS into secure areas....