Endangered Species

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    Should middle class American labor be added to the endangered species list?
    After all, they fill the most important niches in the US "eco" system.
    If the middle class were to become extinct, who would be left fill the consumer niche or more importantly: the taxpayer niche.

    It seems that lately, all I hear in the media about middle class labor is that they chip away at corporate profits.
    The Verizon strike is the latest incidence in which unionized labor is expected to give something up to add to the corporate coffers in spite of corporate profits in these "bad economic" times. If the economy turned around before their next contract do you think the corporation "in good faith" would give all the concessions back to the labor?


    I gave up on the trickle down theory of economics long ago, before it became obvious that they damned up all the rivers with greed.

    Complacency does have an expiration date...Those who ignore History are Damned to repeat it.
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