Enforcing the UPS Contract

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by tdu, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Lazy or worn out? LOL
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    Both And one was on the board of the local. Since he was second in seniority and the one with the most is out on disability, he ended up with it.


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    Well we have this one guy that has been out hurt for like a year and a half. It's rumored that he is dead weight but I'm not making that judgement until I see him doing something to justify that...lol
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    tdu: I never saw a response to the Drooler's suggestion that you and your TDU "brothers" go start your own business. What do you think?

    You say you have issues with management, but when I look at the shares of UPS stock that I own (and contribute to it's success daily), I see a pretty well managed company.

    You might find that if you and your TDU "brothers" went out and opened a delivery business, you would do some of the same things that the management that you have issues with do every day!

    Your thoughts?
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    Don't hold your breath waiting for a response from tdu. The thought of having to leave the protection of "big bad UPS" and going out on his own probably caused him to have a stroke.

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    Ups needs shop stewards who don't kiss but kick ass and have their hands on the contract book reading and making the business rep's accountable for the language.
    If people don't stand up to UPS with grievances and written complaints then we will still have a great partnership between the Teamster and UPS.

    Part time employees = more dues, turnover and cheaper labor
    Seniority lists = Did the union get it, not correct and never followed by UPS

    Stick up or watch UPS start switching much volume to their logistics companies in the next 7 years.
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    You keep worrying about fighting UPS while fedex is stealing your gravy and destroying your unions bread and butter.
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    Mr SLYGUY...You seem to be under the impression that the contract is mearly a list of things that managemen MUST DO. Well, you, as an hourly employee, ALSO HAVE items that you agreed to do, and if you fail to do the, YOU are in violation of the contract. It is managemen't responsibility to see that YOU live up to the agreemment you made. The contact is NOT a one way street.Both parties have an obligation to follow the contract.
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    Let me see, if UPS sends volume to some other delivery company that it owns, would that really make sense? Why pay two delivery drivers to cover the same area?

    Look, UPS is in the business to make money. If and when they do, we make money. If you do not produce about 4-7 times what you cost the company, then we are losing money on you and someone has to make up the slack. If you are not comfortable with that, and feel like UPS owes you something just for showing up......

    It is written, the "employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the Employers intrest."

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    Dannyboy, it comes down like this.

    Other UPS owned companies use forklifts, ship pallets and move the UPS logistics freight with other non-UPS companies thus avoiding many sorts, UPS feeders and handling of the packages.
    At the latest point sometimes, the freight is introduced into our UPS system and then we deliver the volume.
    This eliminates UPS Teamster handling the volume by 75 or more %, good for profits but not for UPS(brown workers).
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    danny, I've seen UPS sending business to other carriers they own on the job and in delivery's that where made to my home. It saves them money in lower salaries and benfits. If they continue to take the business away from the "Mother Company" they can then in 6 years time try to hit us with "we can't afford to give you a...(what ever) because business was so bad the last few years", they will use it as a bargaining tool. But they are still getting the money but it's going into a different pocket.
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    If you've seen this then you have a clear cut grievance to file?
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    I have passed the infomation on to my union reps.
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    Tieguy, manager eh? Where, Disneyland?

    Get the big picture. In 6 years, wages should be cut by 10-50% because other UPS companies who are now teamsters have been operating more efficiently than the Big Brown machine. This is why an improving idea(s) given to UPS isn't implemented. Higher UPS executives are creating subsiduaries which use these common technological practices. UPS(brown) is a training guide to recruit puppets to follow rules, orders and supervise robots who actually think for them.

    Goodluck and ciao!!
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    so slyguy your telling me contract language against subcontracting carries no weight?
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    Pretend Im a shipper, that ships out hundreds of thousands of packages all over the country. I put them on pallets sorted by zip. They are then taken to large hubs where they are resorted by pallets and taken to smaller hubs where they are broken down and sorted by package to their final destination.

    Much like Fingerhut in our area. They send out whole trailer loads that never hit out building. In fact, only 3 of 50 trailers they send out a day hits our doors. THey build zip specific trailers to get a big price break. Your method would be to route all those boxes through our sorts, then the next sort down the road, slow down the movement and increase the cost, increase damages and pilferage.........HMMMM wonder why that would not work and us still get the volume?


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    I own UPS stock and as long as we are making money, I don't care who delivers what!

    I don't ever see the package business going away. All of our subsidiaries that I am aware of compliment our business.

    I agree that there is volume being moved around by non-union or non-UPS people, but if we eventually deliver it, who cares?

    At least at UPS we don't announce massive lay-offs (by that, I mean permanent) like many other companies have been doing over the last two years. We just don't hire anybody! If you realistically look at job losses at UPS, the only place I see it is in the management ranks.
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    Ahhhhhh, now everybody is starting to see the picture that I saw way back in August. Now it's just starting to make sense huh? I told you before and I'll say it one more time...

    Goodbye Feeders !
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    Years ago we had a center manager that finally got the idea to ask us about some of our thoughts. The one that suprised him the most was that we all wanted to hit the road earlier than we did. First, so we could all get back sooner, and that we would have more time to make service on committed packages.

    He raised right much hell, got things moving and beleive it or not, the start time was rolled from 8:35 back to 8AM. This went on for almost a year. He retired. Now our start time is at 8:50, and most times we dont have the cars loaded ready to go untill 9:15 or so. What is the difference? The feeders attitude on getting the work to our center ASAP. Leonard made it happen. Now things are as bad or worse than ever.

    Try getting your sense of urgency back for a change, it makes all the difference to the delivery team and the customer.

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    What the heeeeellllllll you talking about???