Epic Terminations!


Hoopah drives the boat Chief !!
This may be the snack


I never got caught.......kidding.

always wondered about that.
any retired drivers here that pulled off some perfect crimes? There must be some that were never caught.

The only thing i got away with was pocketing hardware I would find near load doors on the ground. didnt even know it was wrong until I told a loss prevention guy during peak one day. we were just bsing near the door while i was waiting for a trailer to be loaded when i told him about all the hardware I had collected over the years.....nuts , bolts etc.

He told me i could be fired for stealing as i was supposed to turn it in. I have found unopened packages in empty trailers that we would sweep out before taking to a cpu customer and always turned them in. Usually very small packages that were stuffed in the corner with trash.

What I told LP , I didnt get in trouble since not caught in the act with evidence but after our conversation never picked up anything off the ground again.
Former Sup on the sort aisle told me he and a PT girl were doing recycles at the end of the night. A box came open and a bunch of silver bars came down the slide. No one else around. They managed to get them through security in his satchel and under her lunchbox insert.


Hoopah drives the boat Chief !!
Open pkg of candy ceme down the slide , small sort guy was eating it ,,,, walked off
Got his job back after a few weeks


Amatuer Malthusian
Had a driver caught red handed with 2 iPads going into his car trunk by LP on stakeout. This guy was the son of the state Auditor at the time.
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