Eric Margolis And the Growing Implosion of the Global Welfare State?

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    Paris Dithers While London Shows Us How To Cut Spending

    This also leads one to turn a probing eye to the Corp. Welfare State and all that this encompasses. It's a serious conversation we need to just start having in this country as corp. welfare began well before (19th century) public welfare and IMO corp. welfare created adverse conditions among the people with it's own wealth redistribution and thus in order to maintain and grow this system. As a result of adverse outcomes by market interventions on behalf of connected corp. interests, public welfare was needed or the public at large who was already being slowly robbed would rise up and rebell against the system. As the interventions grow on behalf of corp. interests, so to do the disparity of wealth among the people and thus the ever growing demand for public wealth to paper over the real guilty parties and the root causes. You could say they rigged the game so to make the victims look like the culprit until the victims start to truly understand real free markets but fear keeps them at bay but the ability of the state to keep the game running is coing to an end and watch closely as the stuff hits the fan and who gets baled out. The recent corp. bailout in this country and saddling the average folk with the debt to pay off should begin to open eyes.

    The recent credit crisis is this country is just one more example of corp. entities and their gov't puppets creating unsustainable markets who hold monopoly status in the marketplace (so much for that free market myth stuff) the people at large have little choice as the game is actually rigged and then when the whole thing runs out of money, the gov't puppets prop it up again on the backs of the people and even worse, those who've not even been born yet.

    Maybe it's time to consider Rothbard's idea and Repudiate the National Debt when you understand that all debt in nothing more than a paper ficition.


    There was a much deeper reason as you might begin to see from the above as to why Ron Paul wanted to audit the Federal Reserve and there's also a deeper reason the so-called Congressman who claim to be there to protect the people against the evils of the "free market" fought Ron tooth and nail to keep him from being successful.