European FedEx Ad w/UPS Trucks

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  1. MrFedEx

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    Take a look at my avatar, which supposedly came from a FedEx ad in Europe. It's a small image, but it clearly shows 2 UPS package cars loaded inside a FedEx tractor-trailer. Photoshopped or not, how does FedEx get away with using a UPS trademark in one of it's advertisements? I personally think it's a cool picture, but the talking heads in Atlanta might think otherwise.
  2. alister

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    it looks very fake and i doubt it it was used for a real ad.
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    In Copyright Law there's something call "Fair Use" which allows someone to use a short exerpt of another's copyrighted work without having to get permission. Like when a reviewer quotes from the book or movie or song he is reviewing. Probably same situation here.
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    That link is very suspicious. Don't click it, something not right tries to download to your computer!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The only thing you can transport in that type of FDX trucks are automobiles or circus animals.
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    I edited out that link and added the picture. The link brought up a trojan warning on NOD32.
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    I agree, once it's enlarged, it does look fake. The site where I got it said that it definitely was used for a FedEx ad campaign and that the ad was in German. Perhaps certain European countries have different copyright laws, or maybe it's just a phony. Anyone out there know for sure?
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    If you look very closely at the enlarged version, the side and rear curtains on the FedEx truck are rolled-up, and the slogan in smaller letters on the UPS trucks appears to be in German. The rearmost UPS truck also has European-style turn signals, so if it's a fake, it's fairly accurate. Thanks for the bigger picture.
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  10. Comparative advertising is illegal in Germany. This is a photoshoped picture (and not a bad job either...)
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    Sorry about the link, I have virus scan on my router and didn't notice anything when i went to the site.
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    In the large picture there seems to be wrinkles in the ups trucks. especially the rear truck on the rear doors. the wrinkles look like they could have been the fabric of fedex truck and that the ups trucks were "painted" on. there is also a big wrinkle on the side of the rear truck between the ups shield and the "world wide services" in german. The angle of the rear ups doors seem to be different than the angle of the rear of the fedex truck.
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    Click on picture for high resolution (1210x810)

    This was an advertisement submitted to the 2006 Rhino Awards by BBDO Germany. The ad does not have to be real even though some are used.


    They are painted...

    My favorite!
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