Ex-Gitmo Detainee Cleared of All but One Charge in U.S. Embassy Bombings

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I can understand from your POV where this is a real serious problem but I got good news. Republicons control the House and may well take it all in 2012' so here's what you do. Organize now to abolish all jury trials within the Continential US and make all trials what would be called "bench trials". You can google the term. Now after getting that, modify all levels of law regarding due process and even limit the ability of any defendent of even having counsel. You might even forbid speech or any presentation of evidence on behalf of any defendent that might suggest innocence. Only allow evidence that proves guilt. In fact, there already is such a perfected system and as I understand it works very well and with 100% success everytime. You may have heard of it, it's called Sharia law!

    Western civilization also once had this same system and in an ecclesiatical setting too! Hmmmm, religion and state, now why would that need to be separated?

    Funny how you little mindless, petty, self serving tyrants have so much in common with each other, even when you think you are on opposite sides!
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    WK...put down your crack pipe and back away...or is it the LSD flashbacks your having.
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    Let's see most of Gitmo's detainees were captured by the military, for acts against the military, are being kept in a military prison and yet not being tried by a military court.
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    I would hope that Judge Napolitano would slap down alot of that fear mongering. Though I get the feeling (haven't seen him in a while though) he gets paid hansomely by Fox, I think he still retains some of his judicial integrity.
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    Presidential "Post Acquittal Power" ..... Like, I'm god and you're not ?
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    Yes he did!

    :whistling Wonder why he would think that of the people who make up the "home of the brave!"

    :rofl: Now that's a real knee slapper!

    I'd never suggest Napolitano is perfect nor who you'd agree on everything he said but I do think you'll find him very refreshing and of a marked different flavor than the typical Fox Howling dogs. I find that he has on numerous occassion had on what I would call the Red Statist barking porch puppies eg 2nd and 3rd level opinionators who aren't big enough to run with the big dogs, and he's not afraid to take them to task and often does. I also think there's a real reason the "big dogs" won't come on his show too!

    He's also been pretty consistent as to the likes of Gitmo in that it should be shutdown and all detainees given due judical process. His complete objections to the Patriot Act and the Surveil State have also come on equally legal and historical grounds.

    I'll never suggest you'll become a glowing fan of the Judge, I even have some differences with him but I do think you'll at least appreciate his different POV from the run-of-the-mill howling porch puppies over at Fox News.

    Not something that is complete by any measure but IMO it was a most interesting interview in which Ralph Nader and Judge Napolitano discuss the Judge's latest book on C-Span's "After Words". I don't expect you to watch the whole thing as it is an hour long but I do think you'll find it informative none the less. No shouting, shrilling or otherwise as is typical FoxNews WWE flair and thus the reason you tend to learn much more in this type calmer, discussion oriented format!

    After Words with Judge Napolitano and Ralph Nader

    Carpe Libertas!
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    The judge is totally embarrassed that he & Janet have the same last name. He is quick to comment that they are not related !!!
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    "Carpe Libertas"

    Carpe Diem is seize the day, so I'm guessing....seize the liberty? or seize freedom?
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    Sums up the Liberal mindset.
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    Yup, another wonderful idea he got from his predecessor. Republicans were notably silent about it when it was their guy screwing the constitution, just as the same democrats who were so critical of Bush have suddenly lost their voice as Obama continues with and expands upon those exact same policies. One thing I like about GG is that he's consistent, he doesn't choose politics over principle.
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    Just like a dirty, low rent liberal. Always has to pull out the truth when it's so inconvenient for others!
    There ah-ta be a law!
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    All I know is that Wesley Snipes needs to get this guy's lawyer !!
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    Take 224 Lives and Divide By 20 Years

    Twenty years. That could well be the sentence handed down to Ahmed Ghailani after a New York City jury decided that the Al Qaeda member on trial for the 1998 bombings of U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya should be acquitted on 284 of 285 counts.
    The bombings, massive coordinated explosions that killed 224 people (including 12 Americans) and wounded over 4,000 were carried out by Al Qaeda because of U.S. involvment in the first Gulf War and continued involvement in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
    President Obama, crack crimefighter Eric Holder and leading members of the fading Democratic party all crowed -- prior to the trial -- that Ghailani's case would serve to show the world that civilian trials are just the ticket for fighting terrorists. Seriously.
    Because the self-righteous Obama administration decided it was more important to show how understanding we are to the world than to use the military system already established -- and through which all witnesses and evidence could have been presented -- a despicable person directly involved in the deaths of 224 people has the chance to walk in 20 years.

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    There have been a few civilian trials of alleged terrorists, now all convicted I might add and what would we find in the way of sentences as compared to the military tribunals and the sentences they meeded out?

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    Hmmm indeed:

    But I thought everything Bush did was good and everything Obama did was bad. Oh wait maybe it's the other way around. Or not.
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    Damn you Jones! Now I'm confused and just when I thought I had it figured out!