Ex-UPS worker gets 7 years for embezzlement

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    Ex-UPS worker gets 7 years for embezzlement - Chicago Tribune

    A former United Parcel Service supervisor who stole more than $800,000 from the firm was sentenced Thursday to 7 years in prison.

    Victoria Pavek, 49, of Aurora pleaded guilty to theft of more than $500,000 in October. She was a 20-year employee of the shipping company who was working as a supervisor in the collections department in the Addison district office when the theft was discovered during an internal audit, said Assistant DuPage County State's Atty. William Wu.
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    What a joke. Cant wait to see the headline about our famous Joe P.
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    Local 804 - What happened to Joe? I am in Northern California and he was here at one time. I was told that he got fired for embezzlement but we don't know why.