Ex-UPS worker says company fired him for eating a pear

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    Ex-UPS worker says company fired him for eating a pear - New York Post

    A former UPS employee in Manhattan with severe disabilities is suing the parcel service for firing him over eating a pear — claiming it was just trying to get rid of him because of his health conditions, a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court alleges.

    William Cortez, who started working at UPS’s Battery Park location back in 2004, claims it was “UPS policy and practice” for staff to share expiring perishables shipped through their service to avoid throwing out “perfectly edible food,” the lawsuit claims.

    Cortez’s supervisors notified him of the policy when he started working there and told him the only caveat was that food couldn’t be removed from the building or taken home, it must be enjoyed inside the office, the suit states.
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    There's got to be more to the story...

    After a 2 year time span??? WtF
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    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!! Hahahhaahhahabababa!!!!!!!!
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    A pair of what?
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    he wouldn't share
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    Believable story, ups hates drivers that can’t lift stuff and need long term accommodations.
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    who between the union and company even allows this course of events to happen? Why is this going to court and not laughed at in panel?
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    Most perishables are shipper release and even if they’re not and you know it’s food why wouldn’t you release it unless it’s signature required?
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    U ever seen a perishables box being demolished to the point that out of the 20 pears in a box, only 5 survived thru the feedah transport/sorting process?

    The QA clerks will take pics, document the damage to pay off the claim & have the shipper send another one <shrugs>
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    The pears were in the office. Available to anyone who wanted to eat them.
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    Bad addresses. Refused because they’re late.
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    I guarantee EVERY piece of fruit that was sent as a gift from Florida or Texas at Christmas time to Minnesota was frozen stiff as a board. Everyone that I delivered to told me oranges and grapefruit would thaw out ok but apples turned to applesauce once frozen. We called boxes of orange crochet balls in the winter.
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    This was the first valentines or mother's day that wasn't frozen flower delivery day. Kept em' in the cab on a very warm day. F*** the methods, they rode up front with me.