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  1. Damon77

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    My manager, a pretty quality guy, told me this morning that the District wants to expand FO service to even the most rural areas our station covers (45-55 min stem time). This left me scratching my head. I know FO is our largest growing service area, but with all the hour cutting and emphasis on on road performance, AND the looming October changes, it seems weird that they're choosing now to add service areas. Any thoughts?
  2. Goldilocks

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    It depends on the market in your city. They look at many factors, one being does UPS service those areas? Your Senior can expand an FO area at anytime. We have a driver that drives about 200 to 300 miles a day for FO. Extended areas have customers that we still need to service. You should bid on one of those routes.
  3. whenIgetthere

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    We have some stem times of 40-45 minutes, and those areas have had FO service areas for at least six months. Those areas don't have dedicated FO routes, they are extended areas, and the regular couriers take the FO for their area.
  4. Goldilocks

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    Can the regular couriers make service on those FO's?
  5. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Maybe 70% of the time in my experience.
    They'll make you make it your first stop even if its going to be late.
    It can screw up your whole day for sure, but I guess its still worth it for the bottom line.
    Just ask them to throw your numbers out every time you have one that screws up your day
  6. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Also, at our station they use a swing extra or two if available sometimes.


    I used to be one of those 200-300 miles a day FO drivers and I absolutely freaking loved it. I miss it. 6-7 hours for 3-5 stops!..lol
  8. Goldilocks

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    Thats just crazy, you should have an FO driver deliver it or expedite it. Some managers do not make very wise decisions. It should be all about the customer.
  9. whenIgetthere

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    As downhill stated, if there is a problem getting FO off, they are instructed by their manager to hit the FO first, regardless of how many P1's they need to bypass on the way out. I deal with it on Saturday, but, it's a lot more reasonable on Saturday as the commit time is 1130, but 1030 on weekdays for the extended areas.
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    We have a few rural FO areas opening up, customers really need stuff earlier than 4pm, so many are willing to pay extra to get it "FIRST" even if it is late by our standards, it will still be getting there 5-6hours earlier than normal.
  11. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Our station has a 10am commit time for the rural FO's, not 1030.....
  12. Mr Shifter

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    Whats FO? is that the equivalent to Next Day Air or Next Day Air Early A.M.?

    UPS Expands Delivery Coverage for Early Morning Service - UPS Pressroom

    UPS just expanded our EAM service.
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    You're right, it should be all about the customer but unfortunately it hasn't been for a long time now. It can't be about the customer when clearly it's just a big numbers game.