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    Wester Region Section 2, 3, and 4.

    (a) There shall be separate seniority lists as provided in each respec-
    tive area or local Addenda or Riders. The Employer shall furnish to
    the Local Union a complete and current copy of each separate sen-
    iority list in the Local Union’s jurisdiction, once per quarter.
    (b) Employer shall post each separate list at a location easily acces-
    sible to the affected employees and shall update such seniority lists
    on a periodic basis to reflect termination and new hires. The list(s)
    shall include a verifiable time and date of posting. The Local Union
    may request and shall be furnished an updated seniority list, to
    resolve seniority issues. If the accuracy of a seniority list is in ques-
    tion, the Company will meet with the Local Union to discuss dis-
    An employee may protest the accuracy of his/her seniority date
    and/or his/her relative standing on that seniority list by filing a time-
    ly grievance.
    The Employer recognizes that the principles of seniority shall be
    given prime consideration in the every day operation of the busi-
    Seniority shall be terminated upon discharge for cause, voluntary
    termination of employment, retirement, failure to return to work
    within seventy-two (72) hours following the date an employee on
    layoff receives a certified letter of recall mailed to the employees
    last known address, being placed on layoff for a period of three (3)
    consecutive years provided the employee has two or more years of
    seniority and for a period of two (2) years if the employee has less
    than two (2) years seniority, and failure to return to work at the expi-
    ration of an approved leave of absence.

    I am being told that a new union rule states that I must sign an extra work list and once the list is taken down if I am added to it later I lose my seniority for extra work in that month.

    Established past practice for at least the last 3 years in regards to extra driving work going to part timers has been to contact the existing pool of available drivers as the top 4 or 5 in seniority are all EAM drivers and can all be contacted by seniority as the need arises in the morning and after the EAM drivers the next 3 or 4 in line are all Pre Loaders. No sign up list has ever been used. Now its the last week before Christmas and they have changed the the way they do it without notice. The center manager did not know about it, the 2 stewards I talked to knew nothing about it.

    1. Am I missing something? Can a local or group of stewards make a rule that super cedes contract language?

    2. Is there contract language I am missing?

    3. If the center manager and stewards don't know how the hell am I supposed to know?

    4. According to section 3 "employer recognizes that seniority should be given prime consideration...." if a mistake is made or a change is made that few know about should seniority still not rule?

    5. Section 4 states I can only lose seniority if I quit, get fired, or do not return to work within 72 hours of being recalled from layoff or have been laid off for over 3 years.

    Can someone please shed some light?
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    That's what I said!

    Seriously, my steward says to file every day... he seems to think I am going to get paid.
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    ......the proper spelling is "what"