F/T Mgt making P/T Mgt handle packages daily for better production.

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    At the DFW twilight hub this is a daily practice..send your people home early..whatevers left handle yourself...or not hire enough ppl in a given area..so that p/t management is covering hourlys position for months at a time...is it because hub managers and fulltime supervisors get bonuses every quarter for production plus promotion oppurtunities while thier p/t sups wokring just like the people they are supposed to supervise and get this we dont even have proper union representation either! how convienient! But as a p/t supervisor we are told by upper hub management to do hourlys work which its our job to follow instruction so therefore we do....

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    quit... You knew what you were getting into when you took the position. It's not like this just started
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    Are any of your personnel filing grievances over you working? If not, perhaps you should encourage a few of them to do so--maybe that will put an end to P/T sups working.
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    LEt's review

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    You should fit in nicely around here.
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    they seem to convieniently not have proper union representation on our sort.
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    yeah well..... go manage employees that make a considerable amount of money more then you that have been at the company just as long or less and see how it feels..Im sure it doesnt happen often at UPS but unfortunatly it happening to me...still want to know who i can talk to about this who gives a :censored2:...im sure it doesnt happen to many..otherwise more woulf relate to my issue..
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    i'm just giving you crap, bro.

    i would talk to your hub manager or full time manager (I'm not in operations, not sure who you guyes report to). I would also put in your letter of intent if you want a promotion. Talk to HR.

    Good luck.
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    As a union employee we are told to work as directed which you mentioned you as a sup are as well from upper mgmt. However if that work is either unsafe or against company policy then working as directed is out the window. To me mgmt telling you to do hourly work is against the union contract which is part of company policy. Thus putting you in a posistion of breaking company policy. I would inform your upper mgmt next time that your duties are to supervise the operation and maintain safe work methods amongst your employees not to do their work.
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    If you work PT at UPS and are worried that others are making more than you, doing less, etc etc- perhaps you need to reevaluate your lifestyle and employment choices rather than evaluate other peoples.
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    l o l
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    While I don't think you should be doing hourly work as it is against the contract, I do think you should do what your boss tells you. When grievances are filed on you, and your shift manager asks you why you were working tell him you were told to do it, so you did it. Then when your FT asks why you aren't doing hourly work, tell him to take it up with the shift manager.
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    Did I hear braying ?
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    That's because the local got ride of all the stewards that didn't support them in last yrs election. they have what 6 stewards left at dfw. to cover all hte shifts hub, ramp, package, feeders. don't feel bad they did it all the hubs. Makes you wounder who they are trying to protect. we used to have a stewart that new the contract and wouldn't just sit there and say nothing when you got pull in to office.
  14. Red Dawn

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    For those that have filled on sup. working at dfw..lol ...yea it's a joke you MIGHT get 30mins at regular rate on a sup working 3hrs. If you are lucky. The union tells us to file, and most of the time you get NOTHING. NO viollation took place, or company will comply w/ contract(no pay).
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    At my Hub, they actually encourage us NOT to do the hourlys job, but to make them work more. I mean, the encourage to pick packages up off the floor, break some jams, stuff like that. But they usually dont make us grab a scanner, go in the load and bang out a truck with an hourly. I usually will go do it anyway just to help out.

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    Let me advise you,,

    #1 There is no such thing as hourly work. It's is UPS work and it doesn't matter how it gets done. You should've realized that day 1
    #2 Quit... No more worries
    #3 Your full of it, and you haven't been at UPS for ten years...
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    please oh please come to my center... I could work 4 days a week just from the extra income Id get from your "doesnt matter how it gets done"

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    You see, there are about 2,000 people in my building that say the same thing, but it all seems to work out in the end..
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    hey, sups wanna work and let me get paid for it, knock yourself out. We've never had a problem getting these grievances paid. That's why I say please transfer here. I need every Friday off.
  20. UPSBOI

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    Just call the 767 union hall and make an anonymous report of pt sups working on your sort.