FAA grounds 565 commercial jets


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UPS Airlines has one of the best (maybe the best) safety records since 1988. The FAA inspectors assigned to UPS know that UPS has many support personnel keeping up with A.D.s, routines mx, ect ect. I find it easy for SWA, DAL, UAL, etc etc airlines to be lax due to money problems, labor problems, and the pax industry in general but I wonder how the oversite for so many airlines piled up at once. The paperwork trail that the FAA reviews is mostly of time controlled inspections, repairs, or time controlled parts with is all administrative work. The Airline Mechanics, Pilots, and support personnel work under FAR 121 which provides us with the rules of our trade. I know we take pride in providing UPS with Safe planes that provide around the world flights to make UPS a very rich company. I have heard that 4 more airlines are under the FAA's "close watch" but I can almost bet that UPS is in the clear. Maybe UPS will hurry up and provide a contract to the Airline Mechanics but the company keeps dragging its feet, with no good reason. Maybe this latest Congressional hearing today will sink into UPS and see that we are providing a valuable service commitment exceeding the FAA's rules and regulations.