FAA Measure Benefits UPS, Biggest Giver to Lawmakers

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    FAA Measure Benefits UPS, Biggest Giver to Lawmakers - Bloomberg

    United Parcel Service Inc., whose political action committee has given more money to federal lawmakers than any other company over two decades, is a major beneficiary of legislation approved by the U.S. today House that would reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The measure includes a provision making it easier for rival FedEx Corp. workers to unionize. Under the measure, drivers for Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx could form unions locally rather than hold a national election. UPS’s truck drivers are members of the Teamsters Union.
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    With the Democrats controlling Washington, we will see just how much they truly want to help labor unions organize. With all these UAW workers losing their jobs, I'm not holding my breath on this one......
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    I got my UPS PAC literature in the mail last week. Guess where it ended up....in the trash.
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    I'm giving $150.00 support UPSPAC