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    I had a road test on Wednesday and failed it. The person who gave me the test said you usually have to wait 3 months until you can get another one but he told me I could try again in 2 weeks with a couple more training sessions (1 or 2). The main reasons I failed is because I kept grinding gears before I switched, stalled 3 times trying to get out of first gear, and some other minors. He told me to let go of the gas when switching but the lady that trained me taught me otherwise.

    I don't know how to drive stick shift that well, they literally started training me last month. I'm not that bad just the shifting and stalling that kills me. Would really like some advice on how to handle the gears and whatnot.

    I'm 21 and have about a year and some months in at UPS and this job would be a MAJOR plus for me. I don't need it but I want it. I'd appreciate everything you have to say.
  2. Step 1: Get the ballz to ask your on car supes if you can practice driving a straight truck (which you'll most likely be tested in) & a package car around your centers/hubs yard.

    Step 2: Buy a junky old pick up off of Craigslist or borrow a friends & practice! Practice!! PRACTICE!!!

    Step 3: Watch a YouTube video or 2 on how to drive a manual. Seems stupid, but they're quite helpful. No joke!

    Good luck!

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    The lady was incorrect.

    When the RPMs come up and its time to upshift you lift on the gas and depress the clutch. Get it in the next gear and roll off the clutch and into the gas. If you sit in a chair with your feet resting on their heels and look at them as you rock the gas foot forward the clutch foot rocks back. What one does the other equally does the opposite. That's as best as I can describe it.

    When leaving a stop you'll be standing on the brake with your right foot, clutch with the left. As your ready to move have the truck in first and ease the clutch slowly out. When it starts to grab you'll hear the motor come down slightly in RPMs and then you'll ease of the brake equally. When you're actually beginning to roll ease the clutch all the way out. The right foot has moved to the throttle and eased into that.

    Notice I said "ease" with every movement. You're not at the drag strip so smooth movements are what your looking for.
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    Left foot is always clutch. Right foot is used for both gas and brake.
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    im so glad somebody just answered this kids question without any smartass replies. and good ones too! listen to these guys, they know what they are doing. in time you will get the feel for a standard. and you'll be able to drive anything thats thrown at ya! good luck
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  6. BrownTexas

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    Google how to drive a stick. It's 2014. I'm sure that should be enough advice.
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    ya. just google it. Im sure BrownTexas's daddy taught him everything he needed to know to be a ups guy.
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    Get a friend with stick shift and practice any chance u get. U need to get the feel for it

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    Leave your left heel on the floor as if there was a hinge between your foot and the floor. Gives you precise control and prevents beginner bounce on the clutch pedal.
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    In a package car? Last I remember you were sitting up high.
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    It will vary across different trucks, but if he can use this technique it will help him learn to start from a stopped position. That's all I'm trying to say.
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    In every package car I drove the clutch was too far above floor to use your heel. In my opinion its better to keep your foot off the clutch unless you are pressing it, then you get a better feel for the clutch (and don't ride the clutch).
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    Let the next gear drop into mesh. Don't try to force it.
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    Is it a spicer? of course it is. dont sweat 2nd gear. youre expected to not be able to find 2nd.
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    This is why parents should buy their teenagers POS stick shift trucks or cars for their first vehicle. That skill carries over into many different things. However if I was you I would borrow a friends vehicle and practice on that. I went from a truck to a package car and I did it perfectly. Now a tractor is a different story, I still grind every now and then.
  17. BrownBuckaroo

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    life is a driveway....
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    If you google image" man grinding big stick" some neat results popup.
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  19. & anytime you think you're gonna kill it, press the clutch!

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    I know its getting harder to find, but rent a vehicle for a day that is a manual. By the end of the day you will be able to drive a stick.