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  1. Doublebag

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    I read around here that you are supposed to pay 2.5x your hourly rate for union dues, or around there.

    I pay the same as all the drivers that make full rate yet I only make 17 dollars an hour ?

    not sure if I read it wrong on the forums but can someone explain ?
  2. brett636

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    Sounds to me like something is messed up in payroll. Its not the first time I have heard of this, but basically your monthly dues would be 2.5x your hourly rate, or in your case 42.5 a month or $10.63 per check based on 4 checks a month and $17/hr pay rate(could vary based on your actual pay rate). Have your supervisor contact payroll to fix it and I think you can get your excess dues money back from the union through your union hall, but not sure how hard/easy that will be. Goodluck!
  3. oldngray

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    Isn't it 2.5x the top rate for your work classification? If so if he isn't making top rate it might be >2.5 for him now.
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    I always thought it was 2.5x your rate no matter what you make. That's what I've paid for 12 years.
  5. oldngray

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    it was just a guess on my part but I paid the same dues as everyone else when I started but that was many contracts ago. Back then preloaders made the same hourly rate as a package driver. It was after I went full time that part timers started paying less after their pay rate got nerfed (but they had to fight for reduced union dues).

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    2.5 X hourly here in Local 705 too. Pretty sure there is a $4 p/month add on in addition for p.t. and $8 for full-time. Used to be for strike fund, not sure now.
  7. hondo

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    Yes, the additional 'special assessment' in L705 is a strike fund, including barns on strike for recognition or a first contract. I thought I heard they want to allow more of that money to be used for organizing. Very important to go the general meetings so you can vote on this; one way or the other.
  8. ups hero

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    That money being used towards "organizing" doesn't mean examples like strip clubs, bar hopping , and extra rounds of golf at these luxurious national meetings does it?? Lol
  9. Inthegame

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    If you make $17 an hour your minimum dues should be $42.50 per month unless your local has an increased assessment by membership approval. If you're paying more than that, contact your local and request a correction and refund.
  10. 804brown

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    Yes, or if you are new, it might be they are taking out your initiation fee.
  11. BigUnionGuy

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    The dues rate is set by the IBT constitution. Specifically.... Art. 10 Sec 3.

    Basically, it is 2x your hourly rate if you make less than $11.00 per hour.

    2.5x your hourly rate if you make more than $11.00 an hour.

    But.... those are the minimums.

    "Nothing herein contained shall be construed to pro- hibit any Local Union from adopting a dues scale high- er than the one provided herein, either by continuance of established dues formulas or by Local Union action in accordance with applicable law."


    If you are unsure what you should be paying, call your Local.

  12. The Other Side

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    It would be higher if they are collecting "back dues" for anything, like progression. We dont know his circumstances. He may have been out and did not take out a withdrawal card and dues were unpaid, and the local is merely collecting those dues.


  13. The Other Side

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    This is correct.

    What I believe for future is the dues need to be CAPPED. 65 dollars for full time employees, and 25 dollars for part timers. WAAAAAAY back, when the 2.5 scale was created, the Teamsters needed REVENUE especially since CAREY drained the IBT with his reckless actions.

    Now, back then, we made less, and the 2.5 scale was not a bad rate, however, today, we will be near 93 dollars a month for full timers by the end of our current contract and even higher if a raise is secured for this next contract.

    Its time for the membership to start speaking out about the 2.5 scale and demand a CAP on dues. The IBT will just have to cut pay, cut benefits for their officers and survive on the capped dues.

    Each local will have to cut salaries, cut benefits and survive on the capped dues. No more 200K presidents and secretary treasurers.

    If we have to cut back, then THEY should have to cut back. A while back, While I was an officer, I watched as the IBT purchased a loaded cadillac for the guy who was spearheading the anti walmart campaign. That was a 40K car. That was useless and unnecessary.

    Cutting dues to a more reasonable rate should go right along with the Teamsters telling us that a BUCK is all they can ask for in this years negotiations.


  14. BigUnionGuy

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    It's funny how the TDU pukes "claim" this was not voted on.... But, it was. It just wasn't voted on by the general membership.

    It was voted on at a special convention of the "Blue Ribbon Commission"....

    The Commission was made up of elected delegates from the 26th International Convention.

    Blue Ribbon Commission Recommends Reforms | International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)

  15. bottomups

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    My local has had season tickets at Miller Park for many years in the pricey seating area. Years ago as a steward I would get tickets for a game or two each season. Don't know how they hand them out these days but at the last Brewers playoff game I noticed via TV that my BA had his butt in the seats. Have brought up the cost of these tickets the last few years at a union meeting each spring but have been slapped aside each time.
  16. 804brown

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    I can live with the 2.5 times rate but I work 45-50 hours. However for part timers, especially long time part timers with 30 years, they too are paying $80 or so a month BUT ONLY WORKING 20 HOURS A WEEK. That in my opinion is a bit unreasonable .
  17. LongTimeComing

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    Slightly off topic but a pet peeve of mine...

    If you are calculating a monthly amount to see what it would be on a weekly paycheck, you would divide by 4.33....not just 4. Financial calculations are based off of a 52 week year, which is more than 4 weeks a month.

    So at $17, you should only be paying around $9.82 per paycheck.
  18. BigUnionGuy

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    I understand what you are saying. But, with one caveat.

    Most of the long time part-timers are still part-time.... by choice. For whatever reason.

  19. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Again with your inaccurate information...

    And there is NO WAY the IBT will cut salaries or benefits. The last President to do that was, oh yeah, Ron Carey...
  20. BigUnionGuy

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