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    Let me start by saying I have been with the company for over 20 yrs, 9 part time, 10 pkg driving and 1 year in feeders, now let me also say that I live in Pa but work in another state. Now my advice to you is instead of looking for more money from the company which by the way we wont be paying for healthcare, which 99.9% of working America does. So either take as is or they will just take the $9 increase and change the contributions and increase our hrly pay but put less into the Pension and Healthcare system, which in turn will reduce your pay raise cus now you WILL be paying for healthcare and our pensions wont be fully funded. So my advice to you is TAKE A HARD LOOK AT YOUR CHECK, LOOK AT THAT COLUMN TO THE RIGHT OF YOUR CHECK. This is called your WITHOLDING, TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT IT as I think most Americans dont even know where this section is on their check. Now you tell me who you should go after for more money? Ad it all up the withholding, at the gas pump when you buy that car, groceries, house, clothes, property tax, state income tax, and the many others you encounter every day......for most of you, you are paying close to %40 in taxes a year and you dont even know it.

    I myself as should everybody am fed up witht the Taxes and Double taxing. I came across a very good organization a year ago and it is called the Fair Tax. let me explain what I know for more info you can check out www.FairTax.org. First this is a consumption Tax you ONLY pay tax when you spend. Second you get your whole check, no withholding, for me that would be an additional $300 to $400 a week!. Third there will be no double taxing...Corporations would no longer pay taxes, eliminating embeded taxes in products which you and I buy, once a product is sold like a New Car or house a tax is paid once, whenthat house or car goes up for sale again NO TAX. Not to mention with no tax for corporations the economy is expected to grow by %10 in the first year, which means more business for UPS, which in turn means more jobs. Fourth Every body is eligible for an EXEMPTION which is based on How big your family is and how much you make, this ranges from the poor who under this plan would pay no tax to the very rich who would have a smaller exemption, to the middle class who would benefit the greatest under this plan lifting the burden off the middle class under the current plan.Fifth no taxes on saving period. And sixth every body pays now, even the criminals, the tax base is broader including everybody under this plan....Again for more info check out WWW.FAIRTAX.ORG
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    Read the book and even got it signed by Uncle Neal :) The only thing that concerns me is relying on companies to fully remove embedded taxes on their own. I don't trust them to do that much at all.
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    I believe there should be a flat rate Federal Sales Tax to do away with Income taxes.. I don't believe ANYONE should be EXEMPT from the Federal Sales Tax size of family or income...

    EVERYONE should pay the same and that is how you eliminate the corruption... Look how people try to scam the current EXEMPT status.

    A Flate rate for ALL to pay is the only solution so that everyone pays the same reguardless of age or income. 5 year olds buying candy, elderly buying groceries or foreign tourist on vacation...

    I would rather get 100% of my check, not deal with the IRS/filing and pay a tax when I spend money. Maybe that $1.00 Coke that I pay 7% state sales tax on will now have a 20% federal tax and be $1.27.

    I can live with that... The fact that no one would be exempt from the tax may even mean LOWER taxes due to 100% participation from ANYONE spending money...
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    The rate would be around %15 if passed, A flat tax is different as it still leaves loop holes, and it doesnt eliminate double taxing. The exemption under the Fair tax which everybody is entitled is for the products that shouldnt be taxed like groceries and clothes, that money you get should go to those things, but you can spend it anyway you want, but remember if you chose to not spend it on Groceries or clothes then you will incur a tax on the other products
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    The rate would be around %15 if passed, A flat tax is different as it still leaves loop holes, and it doesnt eliminate double taxing. The exemption under the Fair tax which everybody is entitled is for the products that shouldnt be taxed like groceries and clothes, that money you get should go to those things, but you can spend it anyway you want, but remember if you chose to not spend it on Groceries or clothes then you will incur a tax on the other products, also let me remind you there will be no State sales tax no more property taxes, just a flat %15 consumption tax, the reasoning for the low rate is that now EVRYBODY pays even the criminals, as far as embedded taxes and companys not lowering the price......remember this is a free market and is driven by consumer demand, if one company wants to get ahead they will drop the price accordingly, and everybody will follow suit, it is a bueatiful thing this free market
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    Indeed it is I just would be pretty annoyed in the time it takes the market to balance things out and I'm paying the Consumption tax as well as the embedded tax. I do believe it would work itself out I question to what extent and how long it would take is all. Of course, anything is better than the system we have now.
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    The fairtax is a great idea, it would be like a $7 an hour raise for us drivers. Lol the $.70 or so raise we get from the contract will be eaten up and taken away with tax increases from President Hillary. Learn more about the fairtax by watching the vid on my signature.

    Just think of all of the money that is spent by UPS and other companies just trying to comply with the IRS.

    23% of what you Spend is Cheaper than 25% of what you earn
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    I'm not really informed enough to have an opinion either way, but for those of you that are, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say about this...

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    Growing up in a state with a sales tax (about 9.8%) The argument in the state legislature is a sales tax is an unfair users tax. A flat income tax was more fair. Like a flat % over the poverty level.
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    A consumption tax is a regressive tax it hits the low and middle income harder then the higher income earners because the lower/middle income earners have a tendency for 100% consumption while higher income earner have a great tendency to save a larger % of their income

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    Our tax system is complex for a reason. Ever heard of "no taxation without representation"? Why do you think that was a big deal for the founding fathers? They understood that taxation is an important tool for shaping society. Our tax codes are the knobs and levers that get pulled by our representatives to accomplish the greater goals of society. The goals we the people set out.
    To think that mere simplification of our tax codes is a useful goal of our society is laughable.
    Omit words like 'fair' and 'equitable' as these words have different meaning to different people. Ask instead who authored and is lobbying this proposel and who the winners and losers will be, and is that what we want? Lastly, what is the probability of success in getting the revenue that the government needs.
    Taxation is by nature unfair. It would be better to keep what we have -- knowing it is unfair -- than to innovate and get something even less likely to be fair. No matter how you look at the system we have now or this new fairtax plan, the rich get richer and the middle class flatlines. Ask ourselves, which canidate do we elect in to represent and benefit your tax bracket best. Then go vote.
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    I have been on the fair tax bandwagon for yrs. My decision in 2008 will be for whoever mutters these words. This tax code is so bad, it is time to try something new. So what if it has a few loopholes, like it doesnt now? And the beauty of it is even the local hooker pays, each and every one of us gets a prebate, money back for taxes which have been put on neccessities, so the POOR will NOT be PUNISHED. But the beauty is everyone pays, and Oh to take your whole check home. People could pay off debt, and save for their retirements, and soon the coffers would be full, as people could spend their own money how they choose!
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    A consumption TAX IS NOT REGRESSIVE, before you talk goto www.fairtax.org , If you listened to my earlier post everybody has a deduction and it is BASED on HOW MUCH MONEY and kids you have, the money you get from the Deduction is for Groceries and Clothes, the poor will get the BIGGEST deduction followed by the middle class, then the upper class, also no taxes on savings, ONLY WHEN YOU SPEND YOUR SAVINGS, and like the current tax system ISN'T REGRESSIVE?????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    bump bump come people get on board www.fairtax.org get the momentum going before the elections in 08
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    I have heard about the Fair Tax awhile ago myself and I am all for it. I wish ALL would get on board with it.
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    First this is a non partisan effort......the person on this website attacks Neal Bortz way from the right....could it be that just about every economist is behind this wrong??? Who wrote the Book some digruntled accountant?? there is no smoke and mirrors, If I get my whole paycheck and all i buy is the essentials, I wont pay any taxes, but that is hard since i Need Gas for my cars, now get this if i purchase a vacation home with the non taxed savings and this home is not new, meaning that taxes where paid when it was first built, I still dont pay any taxes yet, now I dont eat out and I buy food for the house I still dont get taxed yet, I buy some gas I get taxed, if you see what I am getting at, you decide what and how you are going to distribute your money, not the goverment, but You GET yur WHOLE CHECK, and if you are good and pay everything first like mortage and utilities and bills and u have money left over, put it away, their argument saying that if everybody under the current system pays less than how can the goverment keep at the current intake of money? this is because More people are paying, no more loopholes, who is the one who will buy a yacht, a new car every 2 years, lavish trips, the new and biggest plasma tv, I would bet it wouldnt be that couple down the street with the civic and 2,000 sq ft house. I am not dismissing yur link but you have to investigate the motive, especially when that person hates left wingers, which has nothing to do with the bill
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    This fairtax thing eludes me.Here in Canada,the only thing they dont tax is food .An 8% provincial sales tax plus a 7% GST tax for everyting else.
    Then they take out the federal tax off my paycheck...example gross pay $1271.58 minus $354.20 in taxes=$838.38 .Luxury taxes for beer and smokes is outrageous.A pack of butts here is $9.50.
    Be leary of this fairtax thing it sounds too good to be true.JMO