Family, Friends Mourn UPS Driver

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    Family, Friends Mourn UPS Driver - KSAT

    Family and friends are mourning a United Parcel Service driver who was killed in a fiery crash that killed two Friday night in Kendall County.

    David Guzman, a father of two, was on his way home to see his children when the crash happened near Comfort.

    Guzman was on his way home from work Friday night in his UPS truck when he was hit head-on by a Dodge Durango driven by 75-year-old Robert Valeraz.
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    Hurry or not to get home, that's horrible. I can't imagine cars exploding from a head on collision, but apparently so. Just horrible.
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    When they say hurrying, do they mean speeding, or just, wanted to get there? I pray that this family will be well provided for.
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    It's so sad, there has been to much death lately. :crying:

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    He wasn't hurrying. He was just going from Kerrville to San Antonio after picking up his trailer full of our pickups. He was struck by the Durango, head on, at full speed. He apparantly tried to swerve at the last instant and exposed his fuel tank to the impact. There was an explosion and the precussion from the blast knocked out power in the nearby town of Comfort. The UPS driver never had a chance. All the pickups in the trailer burned. The sad, ironic thing about this is that the driver, David, was covering for my co-worker who had the day off. It wasn't his regular run, but he had done it before. He was driving completly safe and there was nothing that he could have done differently to save his life. It really shook us all up and makes you realize that we really do put our lives in danger when we driver for a living. You never know what the other driver might do.