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    Hi, what are the rules for family working together at UPS? I am talking one union, one P/T supervisor - mother and son. Is this a sell-out? I have tried the search function but can't find anything relevant and I know it's a cut and dry thing within the corporation, so the answer shouldnt be wishy washy.

    The mother is a 20 year employee who will not file grievances on anything and allows management to do union work in a private area away from stewards. This has been going on for years I am sure.
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    this may not be as cut and dry across the company as it appears. i'm not sure where you work, but in louisville air (and probably all the other larger ops w/ college tuition progs.), multiple family members can be employed.

    they do seem keep them separated in different areas or buildings and, (i'm not 100% on this one i can only go on the people and cases i know of first hand), mgmt. seems to be excluded from this arrangement.

    that is to say i have had at least three union co-workers that i can think off the top of my head who have had kids enrolled in the work & college prog. i cannot think of, nor have i heard of, any mgmt. & children in the same situation.

    take it for what its worth.
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    UPS used to not allow nepotism. It is within the past 10ish years that they have allowed relatives to work at UPS. Even then, there are restrictions.

    We had the daughter of a center manager working at our bldg. as a preloader. She was bad news, late constantly, sick frequently. I wondered out-loud one time, why she still had a job. Turned out the center manager at my building was afraid of any backlash it may have caused. She took an education transfer to another building, where she was fired within a month because of attendance issues.

    We had another PT preloader that was the son of one of our sales guys. He would have been a great UPSer. Worked for 3 years and got a job at an auto dealer because he could not wait for a FT job.

    I would love it if one of my daughters could be my helper for a season. Not because I want to work them to death. I was a stay at home dad and it would be really nice to have some time before they move away and grow up......

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    Family members are allowed to be helpers so, while it is probably too late for this peak, maybe it can happen next year. I would have loved to have my son help me this year but he doesn't finish school until the 16th which wouldn't work. I actually have the son of a co-worker as my helper and he has been great so far--we'll see how he holds up when it kicks in next Tuesday.
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    I know that family members can be helpers. The oldest probably won't be able, college schedule. I suspect that it will be the same for the youngest....

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    That's my son's situation--his last final is on the 16th and to start at that point would be overwhelming for him and put me behind the 8 ball.
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    I live in a college town, unfortunately, neither daughter is studying what this college teaches (one is a physics/math major, the other is looking at Ag Ed or Ag Sci.)

    Last year, one of my helpers was a college student. He had to start later on Tues/Thurs and had to leave early one day for a afternoon final. Other than that, when he showed up, it worked well.

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    I asked my wife if she would be my helper so I could whip her into peak physical condition and then take her out new years Eve and show her off. She just looked at me kinda funny
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    Anyone know the policy on two immediate family members (brothers) becoming drivers at the same Hub???
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    Are you ratting on the mother?

    I had my eldest daughter as my helper one peak. She worked really well. I miss her.

    We have brothers that work in my building. One works days the other nights. i don't know how this will work as far as driving goes.
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    My wife jumped for me one peak, best helper I've ever had :happy2:
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    I got my cousin a job in my center and they center manager new that he was my cousin.
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    Thanks for the job, Sword...NOW GET TO WORK!!!!!!!
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