Father of 4 overcharged $6500 over 6+ months DESPARATE for help

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by DoubleCharged, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I'm new to this forum, I'd like to explain why I am here. Sometime around June or July 2012 I upgraded the software of my website in coordination with the brand of e-commerce I've been using. My packaging and shipping department uses Worldship to print UPS labels. For over 6 months I'd felt strongly that we have been double paying for all of our shipping costs. 20 or 25 orders per week would ship out by UPS and yet I've been recieving bills for $400 to $500. With an average of $9 to $11 each, I've for months felt like my bills should be more in the neighborhood of $200 to $250. Just today I figured it out that I remove the UPS account number from my websites UPS shipping charge calculator and now I'm only paying for the labels being printed by Worldship.

    When I'm paying 40 or 50 other bills and there's a combination of post office packages, I've always felt that I was being double charged by UPS but just couldn't put my finger on it as to how or why it was happening. Whenever I asked my packaging and shipping manager she would just constantly tell me, "Oh if we technically had two labels for 1 package we would be credited back for the unused label." Well I have 6+ months of being grossly overcharged to prove that's not the case. If you take 26 weeks and multiply it times $250, it equals = $6500.00 which I feel I have been defrauded of by UPS.

    So here are my questions for the forum members: Who is a good attorney to handle my claim against UPS?

    Is there some process that could prevent me from obtaining at attorney?

    Perhaps it's worth mentioning that I have 4 children, I struggle day to day just to survive and I accept no money from the Government. This money I've been getting overcharged by UPS without my knowledge is literally a matter or going bankrupt or not and I need an urgent and immediate remedy. PLEASE HELP!
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    Some questions, did you reveiw this with your UPS account Executive?. I'm sure if you were being overbilled ligit, they could make an adjustment. UPS would not want to loose a customer
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    I find it strange that...

    (1) Instead of seeking recommendations on how to remedy this situation with UPS, you're immediately seeking recommendations for an attorney.
    (2) For the past seven to eight months, you've all but know you've been overcharged but did nothing about it until now ...
    (3) ... despite the fact that these monies are crucial to your personal & professional financial solvency.

    Something just doesn't seem right.
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    Picture this scenario:

    I go to the local supermarket and I buy 10 items, I usually pay 100 bucks for these 10 items I purchase each week. Well, I start using the self checkout and I for whatever reason, double scan every item, so the registar rings up 20 items and a 200 dollar bill. Instead of requesting assistance from the front desk supervisor, I pay the bill and repeat for 6 months. Would it make sense that when I realize the error to sue the supermarket since I double charged myself for 6 months?

    When you utilize worldship, or the web shipping API's or any other system (Pitney bowes, Manhattan associates, varsity etc etc) that is what you use to create a label as well as to submit an invoice to UPS saying hey I used your services bill me for these pkgs. As you said, you upgraded the software and obviously a mistake was made.

    I'm sure that if you reach out to your AE and explain the problem, he\she can start the ball rolling to credit you for the overcharges. I fail to understand why people would want to sue first instead of working to try to correct the problem. Also, the error was your fault. Just like in the example of the supermarket, you submitted double invoices to UPS per your own words.
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    Call 1-800-PICKUPS and ask to speak to a billing representative. If you have not shipped they can check and void the label for you and refund your charges.