I'm a new member and was just wondering if there is anybody out there who works in the international FDC or ODC sites and what you think about your job? I've been the morning clerk in our department since it opened in 2000 and I really like it. Best position I have had since starting with UPS in 1989.



The Buddha King
I work ODC in maine and its not a bad job (sure beats unload)but ive only been doing it for a month. And as i type im in NH taking the drivers school. Not bad for being brown for 6 months!!

You will handle quite a few pkgs and audit them for proper documention. Make sure what we are shipping is allowed in the country. also key-enter the docs into ups mainframe.

I would recomend it to anyone doing preload or local sort but you are in a good position already, as far as pkg handling, so its a coin toss.. good luck!!


Oh, sorry, I should have been more clear - I have been the morning clerk in the odc site since 2000, so I am the one responsible for calling all the shippers, resolving the holds, etc. I was just curious to know who else was out there from international. Thanks for your post. By the way, what part of Maine are you from? I took some painting workshops on Monhegan Island many years ago. Loved it there.
Hey, i have been FDC for about 4 years, it has its ups and downs but there are more ups then down for sure. The best part for me is no more hub work. I did hub work for 3 years. FDC/ODC is one of the best postions at UPS bar none!!!!!