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    Hello everyone, I'm very interested in applying for the dockworker position for Fed Ex freight in Newark, NJ and I've looked up all of the job details, but it only says that the hours may vary, I'm assuming do to how much freight is coming in on a daily basis. The job being offered is part time, but what I want to know is on average about how many hours a day, is a usual work day for those dock workers @ Fed Ex. I also want this step up from the small Fed Ex ground/ Home Delivery where I work @ now, because it's not much of a headache, especially being that I work on the van line sorting, and putting packages onto the correct pallets for the van driver's routes, but I usually don't get anymore than 3-3.5 hours daily and make $12.02 an hour, because I'm almost going on 3 months of working there. I was told by several online sources, that the dock worker position for Fed Ex starts you off with about $16 an hour and the exact number I was told for starting pay was to be $15.60 an hour and that's only 40 cent short of $16 an hour. But if they only are making you work 3 hours a day part time like @ the hub I'm @ now for ground, then that might kind of suck.
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    Why not work both?
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    The 3 hours alone that i work in Queens, NY leave my body feeling like I did an 8 hour work day, plus the travel from where I live in Brooklyn, NY to Queens, NY, then to Newark, NJ and I don't drive would kill me. That's why I'm trying to get an idea from someone who knows about the dock worker position, of how many hours a day they normally work.
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    Just make sure you have set hours. Being an on-call employee downright sucks.
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    Starting pay and hours vary from location to location. Why don't you call them and ask?
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    I work at the ROC center in rochester ny and I was started out working 4pm-8pm due to high demand at the time then my hours were cut from 5-8 now I'm working 5-11 sometimes doing some 8 hour shifts depending on our needs because we are short on all shifts for dock workers. I started out making 15.35$ an hou I am now up to 16.80$ after 9 months and at my year I move to 17.15$ then after another month I reach max pay at 17.45$. They put you through alot of crap but if your a hard worker and never take off and bust your ass things will look up for you. They dont really give extra hours based on your time working there they base it off the best dock guys. So if your a hard worker and do what is asked of you and beyond you will move up. It wont happen over time it will take months i went a month where I was only working 2-2.5 hours a night but I bit my tongue and moved threw it never showing signs of caring. Plus the benifits there now offering I pay 33$ a month for full coverage now what part time job do you get that???? And one thing being on a forkilft for 5-8 hours is not fun getting on and off every 2-3 minutes it leaves your body very sore at the end of your shift.