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    An informational website has been introduced to assist the FedEx workers to participate in the Teamsters campaign. https://web.archive.org/web/20090923092758/http://fedexworkers.org/. Website visitors will be able to review comparative information on wages and working conditions in their industry in order to see for themselves the advantages of joining the Teamsters
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    management is being unfair

    fedex management is switching us around and making us drive ryder trucks so union people can't find us. Is this illegal?

    ^^ lol
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    These are great sites. Both appear to be for FedEx employees in Canada. Are there such informational sites in the works for FedEx employees in the U.S.?
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    Any Canadian FedEx couriers or RTD's out there?
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    The website is for Canadian employees of FedEx, but this may be a way of eventually getting U.S. employees unionized. If Canadian employees were to unionize, it would take a lot of the "fear factor" out of U.S. employees willingness to unionize under RLA.

    HR 915 is on the back burner right now, but that can change any day. In all likeliehood there will be a flurry of activity the last week of this month. But "informed" sources believe that FedEx will maintain its RLA classification this year. There is too much else going on right now for this battle to be fought in the Senate it seems. In another 10 days this should be settled, so not much more time wondering how it will go...

    Hopefully the Teamsters will unionize Canadian drivers and use that as a method of getting the critical mass necessary to get unionization done in the US under RLA.

    Given the bad economy, one would think FedEx wouldn't have much turn-over right now. Doesn't seem to be the case. Quite a few stations have a healthy turn-over going on right now. Many Couriers and even CSAs have had enough and are either retiring or just leaving. The threats of getting that extra stop an hour are now in district news letters. Get the extra stop an hour in order to maintain what pension you have and the hope of a pay raise next year... It will be interesting to see how much leverage FedEx will be able to get with just 2% next March. Most everyone I've talked to locally don't care anymore, so the threats will probably get increasingly strident in the coming months.
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    I heard today that the Faa bill will not get passed this year. It's getting ridiculous because the senate has been stalling since Sept. 2007.

    Why can't they just go ahead and vote on this thing instead of kicking it down the road every 3-6 months? Could it be that the Senate democrats don't want to choose between labor and another generous campaign donor (Fred)? Some aviation experts claim that other issues like the foreign repair station provision are responsible for the delay and others claim it's now because the new Faa administrator Randy Babbitt wants more time to weigh in. I fully believe it has everything to do with our provision and the Senate democrats not having enough spine to do the right thing, But whatever you choose to believe the fact remains that it's delayed (again) and it sucks!
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    Great comments. We are still seeing a large amount of turnover in my district as well. What does that say given the sad state of our economy? For all of your Purple People foaming at the mouth out there about how "great" FedEx is, there's your proof that this is a lousy company to work for.
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    As I have always said, not all turnover is bad turnover. How 'bout you MrFedEx, any new job prospects for you out there?
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    Like many others, I'm just waiting until I can leave. I have an exit plan, it has been implemented, and I will probably be leaving FedEx next year. My point was that if FedEx is such a great place to work, why would anyone leave, especially when job prospects elsewhere are so bleak? The obvious answer is that it is NOT a great place to work or even a good one. Sooner or later the PR machine isn't going to be able to keep-up with the truth at FedEx.

    Who knows, maybe I'm writing a book that names names, states exact incidents, and cites a boatload of legal cases that FedEx has lost which prove it to be anything but the stellar employer it claims to be. I might even have some former Fedex execs who have been willing to share the truth and the true-life stories of employees who have been shafted by the FedEx legal machine.Maybe that is my exit strategy.
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    Given Mr Smith's actions over the last few years, we should all have an exit strategy.