Fed Ex Workers and Teamsters

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    Interesting - Does anyone know how FedEx can challenge a union vote?

    Some FedEx workers in Mass. vote down unionizing

    Mon Mar 26, 2007 9:36am ET

    BOSTON, March 26 (Reuters) - Workers at a FedEx Corp. facility in Northborough, Massachusetts, voted down a proposal to be represented by the Teamsters union, a National Labor Relations Board official said on Monday.
    The vote comes at a time when the union is making a push to represent the package-delivery company's 15,000 North American truckers, none of whom have collective representation.
    Robert Redbord, deputy regional attorney at the NLRB in Boston, said the workers at the facility voted 29 to 14 on Thursday against seeking unionization.
    "Our employees took a close look at the union's record, thought it through before making a commitment to this kind of group, and decided to deal directly with the company, which has a long history of being one of the nation's best places to work," said FedEx spokesman Maury Lane.

    A Teamsters representative said the union would continue to seek to represent FedEx workers at other locations in Massachusetts and around the United States.

    "Although we're disappointed, it's a small, small entity, a small warehouse," said Mike Hogan, secretary-treasurer for Teamsters Local 170.
    In November, drivers at two other Massachusetts FedEx locations, in Wilmington, voted to seek representation by the Teamsters. FedEx is challenging that vote.
    If the drivers at those facilities succeed in getting their union recognized, they will be the first of FedEx's truckers to have union representation.
    The Teamsters also represents about 220,000 employees of FedEx rival United Parcel Service Inc..
  2. Probably don't want the teamsters to mess up their pension haha. All kidding aside was this a FedEx Express location or FedEx ground? If it was an express then its no wonder they didn't go along with it. I don't think FedEx Express will ever unionize.
  3. scratch

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    Fred is good at intimidation. I don't think the IBT will ever get Express.
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    Dont think it was Express. The way Fred/ Congress has them classified they have to vote nationally(very hard to do) rather than by single barn/center/station.
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    Do you think it's the ground drivers who have a class action lawsuit against Fedex - to be recognized as Fedex employees? If so, interesting strategy on their part. Although I would think all FedEx drivers - air or ground would work out of the same facility
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    Dont the Express guys make more moeny then the ground guys? I think the Express guys are like us.......only with out the union. :confused:1
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    Express and Ground work out of completely different facilities. They operate like two different companies. Where I am at, Fedex Home works out of a different building than Fedex Ground. They operate like three different companies sometimes. Thats the major advantage we have over them.
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    I think some Home and Ground work out of same facilities. plenty of info on the forums at
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    Yes its the Ground with all the lawsuits, i think Home is involved also.
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    From what I`ve seen over the years,fedeX express employees are treated well.The fedex guy in my area I`ve known for years often looks in my truck and remarks "brutal"
    And he gave me the grand tour of his state of the art truck.
    wristband start,self locking doors,padded floors,insulated body,printable tracking #`s and labels.Nice clean trucks.
    he says the fedeX ground guy wont even make eye contact with him.
    We definately have the edge delivering express ground and home all at once.But in order to keep customers happy,you
    have to guarantee it. MNGMT is often negligent at ups because they send people home in an effort to look good on paper and realize all too late ,they goofed again,at our expense.I personally respect the fedex guys.If I had a letter
    to send to say ...the prime minister of Canada...I`d put my
    money on fedex to get it there,not some poor shmoe that has all of downtown Ottawa businesses,Bank street,12 hotels and the parliament bldgs plus 35 resis .
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    Problem with the fexexaminer site, its a PAY site... sorry
    just quit advertizing it.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    "If I had a letter
    to send to say ...the prime minister of Canada...I`d put my
    money on fedex to get it there,not some poor shmoe that has all of downtown Ottawa businesses,Bank street,12 hotels and the parliament bldgs plus 35 resis"

    I'm not so sure I'd do that. I heard that FedEx (not RPS) has a slighly higher service failure percentage than UPS. Just what I heard though. Feel free to look it up. It was just "hear say".
  13. Fredless

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    So this is what are raised dues are paying for? Failure?

    Does anyone have the stats on just how many FedEx Express and/or Ground/Home facilities we've sucessfully unionized yet?

    This pisses me off like with our government, we have crap to take care of here at home and we're pissing billions away on the middle east. Who gives a flying rats ass about them right now when we've got bigger fish to fry right now. How about using that time, effort and funding to save central states maybe? Hire in some smart investors maybe?

  14. It's only an advantage if you use it. Every time we make two separate stops out of our air and ground we give up this advantage. Delivering air in the morning and then going back later for the ground is worse. At least their drivers aren't driving circles. It's impossible for us to plan a dispatch that way. And that's not even considering the cluster at preload wrap-up with everyone saying that they can't get their air off. Sometimes I think that their "disadvantage" has a lot of advantages.