Fedex and the Railway Act

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tony b, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. tony b

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    Hey has anybody heard what happened with the FedEx thing going on in Congress. When will it be heard if it hasn't been heard yet. Just curious
  2. Ghost in the Darkness

    Ghost in the Darkness Active Member

    They only have time for sensible issues on occasion... because the non-sensical stuff takes precedence.
  3. feederdriver06

    feederdriver06 former monkey slave

    I think it was delayed until after the new year
  4. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    congress passed it, the senats waiting
  5. airbusfxr

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    It wont make law, google FAA Reauthorization Bill. It just had to much attached to it. The fact is that FDX is an airline with trucks and UPS is a trucking company with airplanes.
  6. edd_tv

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  7. MrFedEx

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    The health care issue has put everything else on the back burner for now. It isn't over yet.