FedEx beating UPS in delivering stock growth

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    FedEx beating UPS in delivering stock growth - Chicago Tribune

    At first glance, United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. seem alike. The two shipping giants compete for some of the same customers, and their operations are sensitive to trends in the world economy, such as rising oil prices.
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    UPS does have a higher cost structure because it provides its workers with a living wage and benefit package(like it should),unlike our counterparts at FEDEX ground.Independent contractors . B.S!! Once their workforce wakes up and demands competitive wages and benefits (they have zero now)the cost advantage they have will vanish and the playing field will be level. Get out the steamroller!If it turns out the their employee are just too ignorant to do that,dont worry ,the federal courts just might do it for them.Then we only have to worry about finding some decent new hires for ourself.Surely 70K+ benefits with a good load of vacation must appeal to some worthy people even if we must work our butts off.What makes me laugh is that most of the people that are hired now would have never made it pass the HR office when I started.Lazy and whiny!!
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    That will change now that they are classified as employees. Lets wait and see how their stock does when it goes public on how much in back taxes the IRS will go after.:thumbup1:
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    Looking forward to the day FedEX has to deal with its own labor issues. UPS invited the Teamsters to represent our drivers way back in 1927, if I'm not mistaken. Not quite the case at FedEX. I'm sure the Teamsters have already taken note...
  5. Guess y'all are still waiting on those HR problems, that we don't have, and the teamsters that will never get in and the steamroller that will never come.

    Good Luck.

    The union will be the downfall of UPS!