FedEx driver gets shot while delivering.

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    My guess is they will try to give her a "bonus" and a cushy job to try and keep her from suing them. Then use her story as pr for the company.
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    It's sad that we joke about what happened to her but whats even sadder is the fact that there's probably real truth here. I mean think for a moment. If she comes on this sight 2 weeks from now and says she did in fact get an Olccc, would anyone be surprised? I know of someone who got a preventable after being chased and bitten by a dog. Standing there with your hands in the arm makes no difference to a dog. If it wants to bite you, you will be bitten.
    I'm so glad she didn't die for just trying to doing her job.
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    The is a story in my state where they are trying to arm firefighters. All I want to know is when are they going to let us carry a Glock? Imagine...powerpad in one holster and your weapon of choice in the other.
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    They already want anyone to come forward and tell a manager if someone is angry and owns weapons. Don't think for a second it will ever happen. Even if some guy in a 4x4 cuts you off, stops his truck and says he'll shoot you if he sees you here tomorrow, the company still won't allow you to carry. And if you do and they guy is there tomorrow and tries to pulls on you but you get the dropped, guess what? You're fired.
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    I'd rather lose my job than my life.
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    Fred would rather have you lose your life than lose a dollar. Just postulating here, but how do you think FedEx would have handled this employee if she had refused to be in that area because it was known to be dangerous. My guess is fired, so what was she to do but get shot?
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    We had a rash of dog bites at my sta a few years ago. At a meeting we asked our DM if it would be possible for us to have dog mace on problem routes. He laughed at us and didn't even answer our question.
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    Oh, I'm sure they'd probably be fired or at the very least written up. I should have clarified that I would support drivers carrying weapons on the job if they're going to be working in an area where gang violence is a real possibility. I'd rather be fired because I had a weapon and subdued an attacker than shot/stabbed and possibly killed.
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    the company bought us dog tazers, simply emits a high pitch sound that backs them up
  12. Operational needs

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    I was bitten recently and a friend just gave me a can of military pepper spray. I WILL be carrying that from now on. FedEx be damned.
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    He doesn't give a damn. That's for sure. Carry a small squirt gun filled with lemon or grapefruit juice and aim for the eyes.

    Tell the owners of the dog that you hope they have good homeowners insurance. I'd sue the crap out of them.
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    Buy a can of bear spray. Teaches dogs real quick.

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    Carrying any sort of spray or "weapon" will get you canned at FedEx. I personally carry a golf club, which I dutifully keep at my side when I need to deal with potential harm. You'd be surprised how effective a deterrent an interest in golf can be. If someone asks, I use it on break for practice at the driving range.