FEDEX Earnings Report Call Transcript

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    Found a fun/long read:
    Granted these calls are made to paint FedEx in a good light for investors..
    Lots of good stuff to read about Express and even Ground..
    Anyway just thought I would share the link, and a quote below from the Q&A:

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    I still don't get the backward land of FDX......Thursday (Sept. 22) they will report earnings for 1Q 2012. In what world is it 2012 already ???
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    Pretty common business practice. Fiscal year starts June 1st of previous year.
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    According to that transcript operating income and margins will be substantially higher in 2012. Also international income for Express will soon be more than domestic income. What could possibly make FedEx much more profitable in 2012 in this economy? Could it be...
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    HA! Just kidding! They're going to expand as much as possible internationally. You can't cut yourself to long-term prosperity. You've got to develop your revenue streams. International shipping has a niiiiiiiiiice markup and there's plenty of room to grow direct service internationally such as what was recently announced for Columbia. There isn't a lot of room for growth here. Some people are hooked on UPS; others are hooked on us. Pricing is competitive enough overall that you won't get too many who jump to us or from us because of price as long as they are getting great service. Big enough gains that are made internationally will take some pressure off of domestic ops.
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    Had no idea Washington, D.C. was outside of the country. Now if they'd only develop markets like COLOMBIA, we'd see a nice bump in profit there...
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    What great service?

    With engineering and Wall Street calling all the shots, the days of great service are a thing of the past.
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    Our service sucks, and International volumes have also been down lately. Maybe Fred can get the cocaine contract in Bogota (that's in Colombia, you know) and improve his revenue stream. Keep on receiving that Purple Promise where the sun doesn't shine, won't you?