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    If that was UPS supplies we would have been fired for stealing. But, hey you can now be fired at our center for running a radio that is connected to their wires. It's called "stealing power".
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    I once delivered eighty cases of our air shipping boxes to a new customer who never used them at all. After about eight months, I asked if we could have the boxes back; they replied that they didn't know where they were.
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    <font color="ff0000">I once delivered eighty cases of our air shipping boxes to a new customer who never used them at all. After about eight months, I asked if we could have the boxes back; they replied that they didn't know where they were.</font>

    So are you suggesting that this customer has a new home decor in UPS motiff?

    I thought what the guy did was pretty ingenius and I have one thing to say to FedEx.


    If you don't get it, go rent the movie Stripes with Bill Murray and John Candy.
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    UPS GAL-you can be fired for using a radio running off their power in your center? I would bet 1/3 of the people in ours has a radio being powered off the battery. Mechanics will get you a wire if you request it.
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    Like UPS Gal, we can't hook up our radio to their power.
    And to bust us a little more, we can no longer have a radio in the cab. We're welcome to have it playing in the cargo area though. (Of course the bulkhead door must be closed).
    Anything to keep our employees happy!
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    Hmm, hard to tell when a poster is trying to pull our leg or not sometimes. In reference to the "stealing power" post, that's not quite right. See, I listen when the PCM's are given. I guess, technically, you could be fired for bringing in a radio and plugging it in inside the building. But the reason would be failing to follow instructions. It's not a "stealing electrical power issue". Its a safety issue. And a valid one. People have been killed in UPS buildings because they brought in defective radios, fans and heaters.(Yes, they've been killed in other ways, too, and those issues, like this one, are addressed by management.) You can have radios, they just have to be battery powered. Or, you can ask the maintenance dept to hard wire them in. We have a few of those in my building. When I'm walking down the belt, I'd like to know there isn't some stray voltage waiting to knock me down.
    Yes, you guessed it, I'm on the CHSP committee.
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    Why no radio in the cab?

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    Safety hazard. Could become a projectile in an accident.
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    The diad is a radio now, right? [​IMG]

    How'd you like one of those coming at your head in an accident?!?

    Don't worry, they have been designed to take the hit. [​IMG]
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    I use a tie down with mine. There is no way it will ever come loose in a wreck. It is tied to the diad holder, the handle on the passenger side entry, and the bar in front of the heater. Three point contact for strapping down the radio. I will post a photo when I can showing it.

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    Pretty sure what UPS would officially conclude about temporary bungy cords or whatever tied to handholds, etc, and then to plastic radio handles or whatever and I doubt if any of that would hold up to a serious safety investigation.

    Not saying that your local safety committee (I know you are very involved there) or local management won't steer clear of going head to head with you, but I think you are rationalizing, Danny.
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    "How'd you like one of those coming at your head in an accident?!?"

    Have you seen DIAD 4? It secures in its holder so it can't come loose in an accident.
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    over9five: Do those same restrictions also apply to feeder drivers radios and CB's???
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    No, we haven't gotten them yet.

    About time though for all their talk about how potentially unsafe unsecured items in the cab are during an accident.
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    Laborer- Apparently not. I see the feeder drivers carrying in their homemade radio/cb boxes and I'm pretty sure they don't put them in the trailer!
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    actually I had a ride from the district safety manager that stated "the radio would be the last thing to turn loose in an accident."

    I have a dewalt with the box type bracing. The ratchet tie goes around each one and accross the front, then gets tightened down. it is not going to move regardless of what happends in the truck. I believe I could prove that the seat will come loose with me belted in than the radio.

    With that being said, how safe is a two wheeler in the cab, much less two like our mall driver has. His car is so full that he has to stack the two wheelers in the cab with him every morning.


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  18. Safety issues in the company are only stressed by management when it suits their purposes, not employee well being, they hardly ever use common sense!
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    A loose two wheeler in the cab should be a violation.

    Can't see what that has to do with radios being unsafe, but I will accept your word that your radio is more secure than your seat.

    That said, you are not installing and uninstalling this better than a welded seat radio on company time are you? [​IMG]
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    Actually, our center doesn't allow corded radios - fire hazard, though the center manager has one plugged in in his office. The mechanic, too. Now, after telling the sort/loaders to buy Dewalts, which about half did, the battery operated ones have been forbidden, too. We were told it doesn't help morale and they're a safety issue. It's okay to have hundreds of boxes falling onto the walkways off the belt because of insane flow rates, but apparently we'll trip over our radios which are usually under the belt or on a shelf. The drivers are still allowed radios, though. After 24 years as a pre-load / local sort employee, I beg to differ about our "new, improved" morale since radio-silence has been mandated.