FedEx Impersonator Eliminated

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Last week, Fedex4Life attempted to impersonate me on this site. He was found out, but not before he left a trail of insulting and derogatory reputation for several users. FedEx4Life did everything he could to wreak havoc on the Brown Cafe, which was totally in line with his mission as a FedEx corporate troll.

    FedEx4Life has been posting on numerous sites for some time, always with the intent on spreading mis-information, particularly as it applies to the RLA controversy. Although he used the same username on other sites, his messages were much more concise and grammatically correct. Same person, but with a much different grammatical style and (usually) correct spelling, quite unlike his rants on the BC. This has the mark of a hired hand all over it.

    He utilized multiple usernames on this site too, as proven by his ability to leave multiple negative reputation remarks for the same person over and over again. This isn't possible using just one identity.

    First, let it be clear that it wasn't me doing this. Second, and more importantly, all of this lends credence to my theory that FedEx4Life was a company troll/shill doing his duty on behalf of FedEx. I don't know if he was hired, or he was a manager or other employee doing his best to disrupt this site and advance the FedEx corporate agenda of misinformation, lies, and spam. This is the way that FedEx handles controversy that might affect them...they do their best to eliminate those who disagree with them and dare to question their illegitimate and unsavory business practices.

    Thanks to Cheryl and the Moderators for eliminating this fool once and for all. I once again apologize for any bad feelings or problems this moron caused on this site. This is a great site and a piece of human garbage like FedEx4Life doesn't belong here.
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    Nothing against the mods, but even Stevie Wonder could have seen that FedEx4life was a hapless troll that had no business posting here.
  3. Good riddance to the corporate shill.He is typical of all Fedex management lies and more lies.Hopefully the moderators can find out his email address and ban anyone from using his web address.
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    We noticed a problem concerning this former member. As far as I could tell, he only made one post as "Mr Fedex", it was in the "Life after Brown" Forum under the "RIP: Mary Travers" thread. I figured out he was using your avatar, but was putting a space between Mr and Fedex. His join date was also different from yours. Banned for life, its a cardinal sin to try to impersonate another member.
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    Originally Posted by FedEX 4 Life
    I will answer your question.Fedex pays me to post on multiple sites using different methods of diverse communication both in manor and disposition.

    This is probably the only truthful statement that Fedex4life has ever made here. He also left bad rep for me with a derogatory comment about my mother which honestly doesn`t bother me considering the source it came from.
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    Are you able to ban the IP? If not, can you tell if multiple user names have been registered under the same IP?
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    He also went into chat atleast twice under Mr Fedex.... created some chaos.
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    Only because we can't really judge a person, until proven guilty, I think it's appropiate to post his defense on here.

    It's always good to hear 2 sides of the story :

    So, maybe I came too fast to a conclusion in my previos posting above, and if I did : Sorry Lifer.
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    No,you didn't. More lies from a professional liar. The moderators know what was going on. Nobody conspired to get rid of him and now that he knows he gone he takes one last shot at trying to take me down along with the others who have consistently proven him to be a shill.

    One of the more interesting things he did was to call himself a MOderator(exact spelling) when he was trying to pretend he was me. Another was the reputation comments with were always "f*g", "feggit", "effing feggit", "you mother" and on and on. A true class act.
  10. FedEx courier

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    It's hard to believe "FedEx4life" is a victim in this scenario considering the past attacks that he/she instigated. The desperation in attacks in"FedEx4life's" posts,especially against "Mr. Fedex" grew more extreme with time and certainly don't make "FedEx4life" appear innocent in this case. "FedEx4life" even used "Mr. Fedex's" avatar before this incident. If this is in fact true then I hope "FedEx4life" seeks the psychological counseling that he or she needs to deal with these types of problems.
  11. FedEx courier

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    Anyone else find it strange that "Ashell" suddenly posts after not posting for more than month right after "FedEx4life" is suddenly banned? "Ashell" is someone who says they are a UPS employee but all their posts interestingly seem to be concerned with the negative effects of the RLA change. If I remember correctly "Ashell" was one of the people that claimed people were being forced to write letters for the RLA change. FedEx supports a news story on the brownbailout site that claims employees were forced to write letters because of section 806 and the news story uses browncafe posts as a source.
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    Maury Lane must be pressuring him to try again.
  13. FedEx courier

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    None of this is surprising whatsoever. Chuck Muth uncovered what was going happening on these blog sites months ago.

    It wouldn't be surprising if "Bob Wolfe" or "Rick Manning" was "FedEx4life".I'm curious to see what the next step in disinformation will be from the information team over there.Seems the options are running out,the latest news story on brownbailout has Maury Lane stating that hundreds of thousands of people have visited the site and have written their legislators against the RLA change.It's funny when you look at who actually has posted support on the brownbailout site itself.It looks like the same three people, two of them are most likely "Fedex4life".:funny:
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    You are right. If you take the time to read FedEx4Life's post over there, you immediately realize that there is some actual intelligence about the issue, along with perfect grammar. This is the total opposite of his M.O on the Brown Cafe, where he wrote and reasoned like a 9 year-old, pretending to be an actual employee.

    Apparently "Bob" or "Rick" felt we were too stupid to listen to a rational argument, so he invented the supposed NYC "courier" FedEx4Life on this site. Too bad they didn't do a better job on their research, because he was completely obvious as a shill from Day 1.

    Hey, "Bob" or "Rick". Tell Maury or whoever you work for that you FAILED...miserably. You should probably return your paycheck to FedEx for failure to perform as expected. Maybe Fred has told Maury that if we go union he'll get canned for doing such a lousy job. Better start looking for a new job Spam Boy...I hear WalMart needs a new front man to present it's unique brand of lies to the media.

    It's going to feel SOOOOO good signing that union card and then forcing Fred to the bargaining table. And you can give yourselves a big pat on the back for exposing the behind the scenes scheming that makes FedEx one of the most corrupt and underhanded employers on the planet. Please come back under another assumed identity so we can beat you senseless again. Screw you Maury, and "Bob" and "Rick"....M-O-R-O-N-S. Go Teamsters!!! Every time you get on the net, your crappy plan backfires and more FedEx employees get clued-in on what's really going on.

    I think I'll post on the other side and encourage more UPSer's to flood the Senate with letters and then crash with fake responses. And Fred, if you ever get to read any of this stuff.... screw you too.