Fedex is a hell hole!


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Hello all :)

I'd like you all to know you are in the right place. If you're not working for Fedex, you must be doing something right.

I worked as a courier for 7+ years. I just quit a few months ago.
That was the best decision of my life.
Now, keep in mind I get not get fired, never got a letter, etc. I am, however, aware of everything that has occured at that hell hole.
I don't know about UPS, but Fedex has went downhill big time over the last 5 years or so.
Raises went from twice a year to once a year. Unless you are a long time employee, you'll never reach top pay.
Raises have also been cut down as the company has made it more difficult to get a decent one.
While, for example, at one time you didn't have to get a lead (new customer we have time as couriers to find the company new customers), it is now a requirement.
I have seen so many hard-working employees get fired for the smallest of things.
Single mothers,'s so sad.
Fedex loves to preach that they "never laid anyone off."
Well, when you fire people left and right, who needs to lay people off? lol
It's feast or famine too. Either they are FORCING guys to do 4 doubles a week, or they are dishing out the bare minimum in hours.
Guys who have been with the company for 20+ years get crapped on by these ego-maniac managers. Sad.
I got alot more. Who wants more? :thumbup1:


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Let's see....
Of course there are the OLCC's we'd receive. These are "online councelings."
Funny, we would get them for anything and everything (btw, they can lead to a letter) when doing something "negative" , but never for anything "positive."
If you don't make your onroad goals, have a late, get an OLCC.
However, do 4 doubles, deliver a package on your way home on your own time, make your onroad goals month after OLCC. lol
Oh, accidents. I never got into one, BUT know of plenty who did.
The thing is, it seems no matter the nature of the accident, the manager always accesses it as PREVENTABLE. I have never ever seen one (that wasn't parked/stationary) labeled as non-preventable. A car can smash into a couriers truck from the side, but it's somehow consdered preventable.
We also have these CHEESY AS HELL "frontline" videos that we are required to view every month. It gives us all the latest news which is fine. I could understand that. Here's were I have a real problem with these videos. EVERY single month the person starts off by saying how well things are going, but then ALWAYS adds "but I know we can do better." Unreal. It never fails! It's almost comical.
Now on to "falsifying". This is the company's bread and butter. This is the term used to justify every gosh darn firing of every hard-working slave (oops, I meant employee).
You falsify, you get fired. Period. What's considered falsifying? Well, if you put down on your timecard you started work one minute before your actual time, or if you deliver a package one minute past the commitment time and you put down you did it a minute before, etc. There are too many examples.
What's absolutely SICKENING is the FACT that every manager falsifies every day. I guess it's ok for them. I guess it's fine for them to put a bogus comment scan on a package, etc to fudge the commitment numbers. I guess it's ok for them to chage time card hours.
It's been done to me, I know. When I was part time, I wasn't suppose to go over 6 hours for the day. I did 6 hours 23 minutes one night. Well, I did my 6 hours as usual the rest of the week. On Friday, I told my manager I only had 5 1/2 hours to work. He looked it up and said no, it's 6 hours. I told him I did 6 hours 23 minutes on Monday. He looked it up and it showed only 6 hours. So, I knew the other prick of a manager, who worked that night, changed it. I confronted him and he denied it LOL. I should have pursued his lie but it's not my style. I don't like to make trouble to be honest. So, I went back to my other manager and he told me he would change it back and I can leave a half hour early that night.
Man oh man, what a place. I feel so bad for those who are still stuck there.
That's changing though. Guys who have been there for 10, 15 years are looking into other places of employment. The turn over rate at Fedex is at it's highest EVER.
I feel blessed to be out of that HELL HOLE. After all, who wants to work where they are treated like an insect??????? Not me! :wink:


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Hi DS. I'm sure of that. I know that most of the UPS couriers I ran into while working for Fedex had similiar issues. To be honest, I'm certain Fedex is not any worse than UPS as a whole. I also believe the region of the country may be a contributing factor. I'm in NY and from what I've heard from employees who transferred to Florida, for example, is that it's a much more laid back atmosphere there. While they hated it up here, they are now fairly content down there.

I still hate Fedex though :tongue_sm

LOL :laugh:


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Did you ever get a Bravo Zulu award. Those have really gone down hill too from what I have heard. Its all about the PURPLE PROMISE.. Believe me its just like UPS just a different color uniform. Any UPS driver will tell you that.


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Nobody puts 7 years in and just "quit". You've posted your resentment for FDX, now tell us the real reason you left.


I also find it interesting you just up and quit after 7 years. I've been with FedEx going on 12 years now. I'm not a manager/sr. etc. I handle flight paperwork and have for the last 8 years, started out throwing boxes like everyone else. I have to dispute your comments on raises. Yes we went from getting two a year to one a year but the one a year is now double what the twice a year was and is fully dependent on your performance review with a max raise of 6.5% of base pay. My last one netted me $1.17 more an hour which I don't know if you've checked around but that's pretty damn good these days and your statement about never topping out on the pay scale is true because THEY KEEP RAISING IT!!!.I'd much rather be able to make more every year than be stuck at the same rate, call me crazy. And as far as FedEx's turnover rate being higher than ever that's bs as well. It's not any higher than it was 10 years ago and saying that guys with 10-15 years in are looking elsewhere for a job?? C'mon, unless they have zero ambition there are plenty of opportunities for advancement at FedEx and to make good money, figure in the benefits and you'll be hard pressed to find another job out there to match it. Everyone in my group has at least 10 years in with some with 17 in, noone has any plans of going anywhere. I'm not saying FedEx is perfect but a your painting a bit of a false picture.


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Fedexer-Sounds to me like you're comparing apples to oranges. You aren't a courier, you're pushing paper. That's like comparing someone from IE to a delivery driver at UPS.


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Nobody puts 7 years in and just "quit". You've posted your resentment for FDX, now tell us the real reason you left.


Now tell you the real reason? Why don't you read what I wrote? Or shall I read it for you? lol

There's no "secret" to it. It's quite simple. They continue to go from ****ty to ****tier. I felt enough was enough with them.

Most people don't have the balls to do that. Also, some have anything else to fall back on. I did and now I am a School Teacher.

Yes Fedexer, you have NO CLUE what I'm talking about.


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Did you ever get a Bravo Zulu award. Those have really gone down hill too from what I have heard. Its all about the PURPLE PROMISE.. Believe me its just like UPS just a different color uniform. Any UPS driver will tell you that.

I hear ya pal. The Bravo Zulu's are a joke. The Purple Promise is an even bigger joke!

As the turnover ratio continues to rise year after year.... :ohmy:


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I've been a driver for both companys. I am not happy at fedex..I wasnt happy at ups either but atleast I was well compensated for my work. How can Fedex tell us we are well compensated when I after i finally top out God only knows when from now I still won't be making the 22.25 an hour i started out at for Brown. The purple promise is a joke. 14 dollars an hour is a joke.

btw the only reason I left ups was because of the relative policy. I moved to a city where my brother is also a driver. that didnt fly with them..thats really the only complaint i have against brown. I will always be a upser at heart.


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I still won't be making the 22.25 an hour i started out at for Brown. T

Nobody starts out at $22.25 and hour at UPS. Drivers off the street start out around $15 and takes the 2.5 years to TOP OUT. Not to mention getting laid off for your first 2 years. jmho


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Exactly Oggie....

No one will reach top pay as a courier for Fedex.
It took forever before when they had bi-yearly raises. Now that it's once a year, you can forget it.
That's just the way they like it too.

Understatement of the year: The Purple Promise Is A Joke


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I've been a UPS driver now 4 years and 1 seasonal season prior to that. I was a FedEx Express Courier 3.5 years before that.

FedEx was at that time a much better company to work for. Just the pay......If I was going to be delivering packages. I wanted the green.

I got numerous Bravo Zulo's and even won the North East Humanitarian Award for assisting as a first responder to an accident scene. When I put my notice in and left. The management team purchased me a going away present (Leather FedEx Duffle).

If you do anything good at UPS your lost in the fold.

Though then again I was a 6.8/6.9 FedEx Courier. As a cover I just didn't do sales leads or I would have been a 7.0 when it came to raises.