FedEx No. 5 in reputation ranking

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    Study: FedEx No. 5 in reputation rankingStudy - Memphis Business Journal

    FedEx Corp. moved up nine spots to the No. 5 position on the U.S.

    Company Reputation Institute’s 2009 Reputation Pulse Thursday.
    The study, which ranks businesses based on consumers’ trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling, jumped FedEx from its No. 14 ranking last year.
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    Any cooincidence the ranking is done by a hometown Memphis company?
    "manufactured results. "

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    Doesn't matter, because UPS was #3....that's all that counts
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    this poll is a friggin joke lol
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    Sir, you are the friggin joke.
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    I saw your reallife pic,you are the real joke here.You look like John Goodman.
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    I see mungrin (or mugrin) has returned with a new identity. Look at the style of writing and compare it to mugrin's , especially mugrin's early postings.